Wednesday, 2 November 2016

Autumn & Winter Boho Picks for under £20! | Plus Size Fashion

It's been such an age since I've felt any sort of inspiration to sit down and write a blog post but, now November is here and I'm a pretty basic bitch, I can talk about Christmas wish lists and Autumn to Winter fashion! Normally October is my favourite month but but after having a severe case of the flu and an ME relapse to boot, it hasn't been all that good. Now November is here and I feel like I can finally start making use of woolly hats and big coats. Plus it's my son's THIRD birthday this month! I can't believe when I started this blog that he wasn't even a thought then!

So, what fashionable items am I lusting after this month? Anything bohemian with a hint of tan. Yes please. I've also been using Love the Sales to track current sale items, because I'm super skint at this time of the year. Lets track seven birthdays and Christmas presents, wow. I've managed to find some amazing plus size bargains all for under £20 each so you know you're not breaking the bank.

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