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Top Reasons Why Canada Is Becoming A Popular Holiday Destination | Travel

A lot of people forget about Canada when they are looking for their next holiday destination. Of course, the travelling can put them off (it’s around an eight-hour flight), but it is actually a great destination that should be on your radar. It’s visually superb, and the Canadian people are extremely friendly. In fact, it makes a fantastic holiday for the whole family. Here are some of the top reasons why Canada is becoming a popular holiday destination.

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It has amazing cities such as Toronto

One reason that sees people flocking in their millions to Canada is the fabulous cities they have situated in the country. Montreal, Vancouver, and Toronto are huge draws for tourists as there is so much to see and do. Toronto, for example, has iconic landmarks such as the CN Tower and the Royal Ontario Museum that you can visit. And not forgetting it has a huge Lego theme park for children. A lot of these cities are affordable as well, so it’s not going to cause a huge dent in your bank balance. And unlike other cities around the world, they have fewer tourists so you can enjoy all the sights without bumping into one another.

It’s good for all the family

A lot of people are also heading to Canada because of all the amazing things it offers to families. For one thing, there is amazing views and wildlife which will keep kids fascinated. As well as this, there a tonne of zoos and aquariums which will satisfy any mini animal enthusiasts. They will also get to experience beautiful places that they will remember forever such as the Niagara Falls. And on top of this, most of the country speaks English so your kids will be able to play with the children from the area. Remember if you are visiting Canada, you will need to apply for an ETA to enter the country. You can find out more on

You will get to see amazing sights

As we touched on above, Canada is a top holiday destination as there are so many amazing sights which you will all love. The mountain views are incredible, and you will need a full battery on your camera before you head to the stunning country. For something a bit different, you could even go on a scenic flight over the Kluane National Park. As it says on, you will get to see amazing views all year! And that’s another good thing about the country; it’s beautiful in the hot sun and great in winter with the snow-clad mountains!

It won't break the bank

If you are hoping to have an affordable holiday, you will find this in Canada. In fact, it’s cities have often been voted the most affordable in the world! In particular, Ottawa, the capital of Canada, in particular, is rated high on the list of cheap cities. Therefore, you know that you won’t spend a fortune if you do head to the beautiful country!

And if you are looking for an adventure for your next holiday, Canada has a broad range of outdoor activities to fulfill this desire. There are so many trains, mountains, and lakes where you can do activities like skiing, hiking, and camping!

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