Tuesday, 5 July 2016

The Ultimate 48 Hour Guide To Kuala Lumpur | Travel

There is lots to do in this bustling Asian city, located in Malaysia. With a mix of Malay, Indian and Chinese cultures the city is brimming with sights and sounds. If you are short on time bit big on ideas, check out my suggestion for having the best 48 hours Kuala Lumpur as possible!

Your first night

Make sure you book a hotel in Kuala Lumpur for you first night, because you'll you’ll probably be hungry after your journey and want to head straight out to “Jalan Jalan” or walk and grab some of the famous and delicious Malaysian street food. Don't forget your umbrella though as monsoons are common.

Try the Rojak, a sweet savory salad with a shrimp paste topping. Or there is the cendol a cold dessert soup, a condensed milk sweet treat that is served over ice to keep you cool in the hot evenings. Or if you are need of something a little more savory grab some Koay Chiap, a real Malaysian delicacy. It's basically duck and noodles in broth but also contain a soy sauce cooked egg and the add blood to the soup to give it added flavor. One delicate that you must not miss if the crazy and soft Apom Balick. A pancake made of rice flour with creamed corn, the combination of textures is so good.

Remember that you are expected to buy food from the street vendors and then take it in with you to the cafes surrounding them. There you can grab a coffee or malted drink to have with your meal.

Your first day

On your first day in the city, there are plenty of things to do. Check out the amazing Batu Caves. Limestone caves full of Hindu statues and shrines coated in gold. Be aware there are lots of steps here, so make sure you have your walking shoes on.


The why not spend the afternoon checking out the wildlife in the KL Bird Park. With over 200 different species on show, you bound to see some exotic specimens here. Or if you are more of a culture vulture, check out the Thean Hou Temple. If you are on honeymoon, you can have your marriage blessed by the monks in this, one of Asia's largest Buddhist temples. Even if you’re not newlyweds it's still an impressive spiritual site to visit.

Your second night

On your second night, why not head to the impressive Petronas Towers. Stunningly lit up at night you can shop and eat here all in the same place and check out some fantastic night view so the city. If you are looking for a memorable dining experience, then head over to the Atmosphere 360 at the KL tower. Eat your dinner while the restaurant revolves, giving you a stunning view of the city!

Your second day


On you last in KL why not head to Chinatown, for some seriously cheap bargains. You can eat some delicious chinese food here too, before moving on to the National Museum and Islamic Arts Museum for the afternoon, before you have to catch your flight home.

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