Tuesday, 28 June 2016

Why Rural Law Representation Is An Essential Part Of Life | Lifestyle

Laws are tricky things. They can be inconvenient and get in the way when you want to do something seemingly simple. And sometimes they can seem to be there for no reason other than to make life harder. During those times, it can be easy to forget that laws exist for our own protection. If you honestly believe you don't need the protection of the law, you're either not paying attention or you're hugely fortunate.
For the same reasons as above, there are people who have a negative attitude towards lawyers. It's a running joke across just about every sitcom ever made and a whole lot of other media. It's easy to be talked into believing that lawyers exist to make money from other people's misfortune right up until the moment you need one. At that point, that's when a lot of people realise exactly how necessary a lawyer is.
The truth of the matter is that a legal system which is purely simple and straightforward is probably a bad legal system. Laws need to be drafted with care to ensure the people with more expensive lawyers cannot crawl away from their obligations. And generally, that means that when you want to pursue the cleanest ending to a legal dispute, you'll need a capable, honest lawyer.
In towns and cities, lawyers aren't hard to come by. Where most business is done, you'll find the most lawyers. In the more remote areas of Queensland, on the other hand, it isn't always so easy. Do legal disputes not arise there? Of course they do. Corporate, probate and land disputes happen in rural areas just as often, and sometimes more so than in urban ones. People still need access to sound legal advice.
Even where there isn't a dispute, there is a need for compliance with the law in any business. If you’re selling a home, looking to extend a property or draft a contract of work, legal advice is indispensable. As well as such compliance, there's a need to look over contracts and documents that arise from running a farm or a rural business. You may consider the likes of Sheehan & Co Solicitors, as a firm operating in the area with specialism in rural documentation. With their assistance, the often complex minefield of rural law can be made simpler.
It can often feel when you're living and working on a farm far away from metropolitan centers, like you're on your own. That's natural. But from a legal point of view, you have a right to representation. You have a right to the correct advice and to have agreements and leases that empower you to run your business and your homestead.
You don't just need representation in legal matters that are rural in nature, of course. Legal issues that are experienced by city dwellers also happen in the country. A broad spectrum of legal knowledge is what you need in a lawyer, or a legal firm. There will be times when a matter arises and you find yourself wondering: "Well, what do I do now?". If you don't know, a good lawyer will.

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