Saturday, 11 June 2016

Lunch at The Twisted Burger Co. - The Yard, Ilkley | Lifestyle & Travel

As I mentioned in my previous post we've been having a lot more family trips out over the weekends. A local destination that's become our favourite Saturday spot is Ilkley, which probably takes around 25 minutes to drive to from Keighley.

I've seen mention of The Twisted Burger Co on Twitter and Instagram a couple of times before but never really looked into visiting, that was until we walked past the The Yard pub following the boy's having their haircuts. We thought we would pop in and have a look at what was to offer.

The Yard itself is a quaint little village pub in the heart of Ilkley. On this occasion when we visited Dexter was in his element as there were two dogs sat near the fire with their owners. I absolutely adore pubs that are both animal and child friendly, it makes my day so much easier. Although saying that Dexter decided to play terrible twos and a whole giant glass of coke ended up both all over him and in my handbag. The joys of parenting.

I had a gorgeous Peanut Butter Wolf milkshake, normally I would have opted to vanilla rum in there for the extra kick and it's a good job I didn't really, because Dexter had a whole milkshake to himself. In fact I ended up having to order another which he also helped me finish off. It was absolutely delicious though, and I loved the extra whipped cream and marshmallows.

Both myself and Mike had the Mixtape Meal Deal, a burger of your choice and fries for £5. I think we both ended up making the same concoction for our burgers too, a beef patty with Monterey Jack cheese, and Dead Twisted BBQ sauce. The burgers were perfectly medium rare, juicy, and just the right size for us. I thought it might have been a bit too much for Dexter to have a burger and fries so we ordered him a portion of falafel with a gorgeous coconut sauce. Obviously I had to make sure they were tasty enough for my little man so we shared.

We definitely have plans to go again for another Saturday lunch, although we have quite a few places on our list to tick off at the moment so it might be a while! Definitely a recommendation for something a little bit different that Ilkley has to offer.

I should also say a big thank you to my personal photographer, Mike. He doesn't mind me using his photos, they are so much better than mine!

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  1. Looks like a delicious place and incredible value for money! I love falafels!

    Tamsyn-Elizabeth | Peaches and Bear