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Top Gift Ideas for One Year Olds | Lifestyle & My Motherhood Diary

One year olds are always on the go, literally crawling and taking their first steps, and figuratively, with their imaginations. That's why so many baby and toddler toys are geared towards developing their imagination, exploring their world, or growing their muscles. Check out some of our favourites.

·      Bath Time Fun

Now that they're a bit older, one-year olds are more used to bath time and they love playing in the tub, especially if they have some toys to splash with. They'll love any type of toy that squirts and floats in the tub. While rubber duckies are great, try to experiment with floating boats or even a waterproof book. You can find some fun bath ideas when you shop online at, complete with a high-quality velour towel, colourful toys, and splash book.

·      Classic Learning Toys

Remember the classic wooden toys from your childhood or even that your parents talked about? Those are making a comeback, such as the Shape Sorter or the Stacking Toy. Shape sorters help older babies and toddlers develop early problem solving skills while learning shapes and deciphering which spots they fit into. You can find classic square box ones, as well as the more whimsical ones shaped like farm animals.  Nesting or stacking toys teach young toddlers how smaller objects fit into the larger ones by stacking, and that you can knock them over and begin again.

·      Building Blocks

Going along with a classic toy theme, one year olds are fascinated with building towers and then knocking them over. Besides being lots of fun, it helps them build hand-eye coordination skills. Try some chunky Legos that their little hands can easily grasp and manipulate.

·      Musical Instruments

There is nothing a one-year-old likes more than to bang things and make noise. If you think the parents won’t mind the noise, consider gifting them a set of musical instruments. Aim to find one with several instruments, such as a xylophone, a drum, or a guitar.

·      Toy phone

These aren't the old fashioned play phones from years ago. These popular gadgets are interactive, featuring sounds and games to teach babies and toddlers their letters and numbers to catchy tunes.

·      Play kitchen/Shopping Cart

Play kitchens, shopping carts, and toy food allow young children to use their imaginations and preparing pretend meals for several years. You can find several durable options, some of which even grow with child from very basic to having more "bells and whistles," like glowing stove burners or ovens that light up.

·      Ride on Toys

As one-year-olds love exploring, they will love ride on toys to help them get around the house or even outside.  You'll find so many options from classic Radio Flyer wagons to car and fire truck themed ride on toys. Nowadays, you'll find just as many Disney-themed and Sesame Street-themed ride on toys as you will with classic ones.

These are just some of our favourite ideas if you need some quick ideas for a first birthday party. Remember, besides hip toys, you can never go wrong with a personalised gift.

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