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Remember To Do This When Getting Ready For A Party! | Lifestyle

Getting invited to a party can be fun, and you can’t wait to go dance all night long, and spend time with your friends. While getting ready for a party can be fun, it can be stressful if you are on a deadline. You need to remember to do the following when getting ready for a party.

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Choose something to wear
The top thing you must remember to do as early as possible is to choose something to wear. You can’t leave it till the last minute as it may take you ages to decide what to wear. You may even want to rush out to the shops and buy something brand new to wear. Think about the party and what you think others may wear for the evening. Text, a couple of your friends, to see if they are going casual or whether they are going all out. It might be appropriate to wear some cute trousers with a long glamorous top, or you could dress up in a gorgeous dress with some beautiful heels. You should consider the weather when choosing your outfit. If it’s going to be cold later, you may want to grab a short sleeved sweater to throw over when you are walking home. Don’t take a jacket or coat with you as you will end up carrying it around which will be a nightmare!

Wash your clothes
You must remember to check if your clothes are dirty before putting on that stunning dress. You don’t want to spot a huge mark when you get out and then can’t do anything about it. Put your clothes in for a quick wash and dry it quickly before heading to the party. Check if the dress is machine washable or whether it needs dry cleaning. You can go to a 24-hour emergency dry cleaning service so that you can wear that beautiful dress. Or you may want to get changed and choose something else to wear that evening.

Find some great shoes
A pair of shoes can make or break your outfit. Look through the shoes you own and decide whether or not they will look great with the clothes you have put out already. You may want to choose comfort over style if you are going to be dancing all night long. Consider the weather as you may want to go for some sandals if it's going to be hot at the party. You don’t want to end up with sweaty feet that will start to smell during the night.

Choose transportation
If you are planning to have a drink, you need to arrange transportation for the party. Ask a friend or family member for a lift there and then taxi back. Or organize an uber to take you both ways. Make sure you organize it earlier rather than later so that you are not waiting for ages for your transport to turn up!

Remember to pack your ID in your bag, just in case you go out and you need to show the bouncers proof of your age. Otherwise, you will have to go home!

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