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Finished College Or University? What Next? | Lifestyle

Most people will finish secondary school and have an idea of what they want to do. They will either be happy with their GCSE’s and head into the world of employment. Or they will further their education. It seems to be a real simple decision at age 16. Work or education. However when it comes to the end of college, then the decision gets more complicated. You’re 18 then. There’s more possibility. Of course, you can continue your education once more. But once university is over in your early twenties then what?

That’s where it can get tricky. At the age of 18 when college is over, and of course in your twenties when university is finally finished, the world is your oyster. You have so much you can do and see. But I think, precisely because of this reason, it can become a tricky decision. So here is everything you can do once college and university are over. Some of them are pretty standard. Others are perhaps suggestions you may not have considered.

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Enter the world of employment
The natural progression from college and university is to begin working. To use your education and put to good practise what you have studied. Some people may be lucky to fall into employment that matches their qualifications or degree. Others may take up any kids of employment while they wait for the right job to come along.

Entering employment doesn't have to be scary. It can be a real exciting time for a young person. It is a whole new world. It can teach punctuality and timekeeping. It can show you the value in your voice. It can also begin to provide you with an income which can then teach you the valuable lesson of finances.

Starting your journey into work doesn’t even have to be in the profession you have studied for. You could gain some experience in all kinds of jobs that could give you valuable insight into your career in the future.

Take a Gap year
If you are not ready to start employment then why not consider a gap year. There are two types of gap years you could take. You could decide that you want to delay your journey in education and take a year out before heading to university. Or your education may have finished and you just want a gap year out before you start working full time.

If you are taking a gap year as a break in education may want to gain some work experience. This is a perfect opportunity to see what that world is all about and gain some valuable insight before carrying on your education. It would be good to be one step ahead of your peers.

If you decide that a gap year is for travelling, then this is where it can get quite exciting. A gap year presents you with an opportunity to see the world while you have no commitments back home. Once you have a job, a house, and even a family, travelling the world.
Travelling could mean working as you go, or just having saved up some money and just have an adventure. Most popular destinations tend to be Thailand and Asia. Along with Australia and America.

Travelling can give you a taste of culture. Which can shape you as a human being. It can teach you a lot about who you are as a person. Experiencing different walks of life as well as cultures.

There is a wealth of information out there about where to go and what to do. The Leap is an excellent website to begin your research.

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Working abroad
You could combine working and a gap year by working abroad. This can be an experience to remember. There are many options to choose from. You could work for a charity to help rebuild areas that have been suffering. Or teach young children in schools. You could go to a more cosmopolitan city and just experience the vibe of working and experiencing something new.

Working abroad can you give you the advantage of travelling while gaining some real positive experience that can help you in your future.

If you work for a charity, you could get a real feel-good factor out of it. It’s something that you will remember for many years to come. It may also make you realise how lucky you are. Which could give you a new outlook on your life ahead. Changing you as a person.

Be your own boss
Why not use everything you have learnt and put your own idea to the test. Starting your own business is a great idea and could be the next big thing. Many startups do exceptionally well. You may be the next Mark Zuckerberg or Siobhan Freegard. If you have a great business idea, then use this as the perfect opportunity to give it a go. If you don’t try, you will never know.

Go for an apprenticeship
Another option would be to consider a working apprenticeship. This could give you some valuable work experience. While allowing you to continue some further education in the field of employment you want to work in.

Apprenticeships can provide you with income. While still allowing you to gain some valuable educational insight.

Enter a graduate scheme
You could also consider entering a graduate scheme. This doesn't even have to be in the field you may have studied in. Most just require you to have obtained a degree. What these schemes do is allow you to experience a business from the inside, from all angles. Giving you valuable experience for when you enter the management team.

Whatever you decide to do at this stage of your life you have the world at your feet. You have all the advantages of being an adult but still none of the commitments. This is the time to push the boundaries and step out of your comfort zone. This is your chance to see the world. Or gain some life experience in the workplace. But now is the time to go for what you have always wanted to do. You may regret not taking that chance in the future.

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