Friday, 4 March 2016

Beauty Salon Treatments You Can Do Yourself At Home | Beauty

We all like to be pampered from time to time. It’s a little treat to ourselves that makes us look and feel fabulous. But regularly visiting beauty salons and spas for our favourite treatments is not always feasible. You might have bills to pay, a house to run and children to take care of. With all this to contend with sometimes there just is not enough time or money to go towards your pampering sessions. Luckily there are some treatments you can do yourself from the comfort of your own home. Read on to find out more.

The easiest treatment you can do yourself at home is a mani-pedi. Beauty salons will often bump up the prices of this treatment during the summer months. So why not do it yourself. Treat yourself to a new shade of nail varnish that will make you feel extra glamorous such as a dark red or metallic silver. Soak your hands and feet in bowls of warm soapy water and relax in front of the TV. Push back your cuticles and file into shape. Paint each of your nails with a base coat then top coat and give them plenty of time to dry. This will leave you with professional looking nails that you will love to show off. To get an even more professional finish, look here to find out more.

Teeth Whitening
If your teeth are stained and not as pearly white at they use to be, there is no need for you to go to your salon. You can safely whiten your teeth at home in a number of different ways. You could use a DIY recipe using baking powder or use whitening strips or a mouth tray. These techniques have become increasingly popular and often cost a lot less that most salon treatments. It’s quick and easy and will give you a tremendous boost of confidence. You won’t be able to stop smiling after seeing the results. If this sounds appealing, you can learn more about teeth whitening here and remember always to read the instructions before use.

Brow Shaping
Having beautifully shaped eyebrows is very fashionable right now. So many women will go to salons to get their eyebrows shaped to perfection. But believe it or not, you can get just as good results at home and enhance your appearance no end. Invest in some decent tweezers and always shape after you’ve had a shower when your pores are most open. To give you some additional guidance search for eyebrow shaping tutorials on Youtube and on beauty blogs. Just remember to take your time and avoid over plucking at all costs. To get even more advice on DIY eyebrow shaping use this useful guide.

While some treatments are better left to the professionals, it’s reassuring to know that, if needs be, there are some you can do yourself. Why not invite your friends over to your house and create your own spa night. You can give each of these treatments a try and help each other look and feel incredible.

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