Monday, 29 February 2016

A Relaxing Break in Sicily | Travel

Sicily is one of the top holiday destinations and for many good reasons. It offers many options for both fun and relaxation. As an island in the Mediterranean, it is blessed with a stunning coastline with some of the best beach resorts in the world. Meanwhile, the countryside is equally beautiful – green, fresh, and many, off-the-beaten-path. Here are some of the best places to have a grand time in Sicily.If you are planing to come to visit the island, you might book your accommodation in advance. You can stay in one of the many villas in Sicily that  can provide you with a comfortable and relaxing home away from home.  

  1. Taormina – This is perfectly located to allow you easy day trips to other places within the region. If you like to drive, you can visit a lot of towns. On the other hand, there are public transportation systems to make it convenient to see the surrounding places such as Mt. Etna and Siracusa. The city is full of its own tourist spots such as the world-famous Greek-Roman Theatre. 20 minutes away, you can while away hours lolling on the beaches of Isola Bella or Giardini Naxos.  
  2. The Noto Valley – For those who love the Baroque period, this is the place to visit. Eight towns located in this area are included in the list of the UNESCO World Heritage sites for their stylistic and dominant architectural urban plan. While a lot were ruined in a destructive earthquake, most were rebuilt as they used to be. Visit Ragusa and Modica for a tour of the many beautiful Baroque churches and buildings located there. 
  3. Siracusa – Having been the most important city in the Magna Graecia period, it is now home to one of the best ancient cultural heritages to be found. A visit here would be divided into two: first, a visit to the archaeological site to see an overwhelming number of well-preserved Greek, including Roman, ruins; and the second, the 2,500 year-old historical island of Ortigia. 
  4. Palermo – You just can’t miss the capital city of the island. This bustling place is full of museums, beautiful historical architectural buildings and monuments scattered around the city, the long stretch of beach, and delectable cuisine! Visit the open air markets to experience a quotidian routine in the Palermitan style!
  5. Agrigento – Home to one of the most famous historical attractions in Sicily, the Valley of the Temples is an amazing archaeological park consisting of eight temples built between 510 BC and 430 BC.

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