Monday, 29 February 2016

A Relaxing Break in Sicily | Travel

Sicily is one of the top holiday destinations and for many good reasons. It offers many options for both fun and relaxation. As an island in the Mediterranean, it is blessed with a stunning coastline with some of the best beach resorts in the world. Meanwhile, the countryside is equally beautiful – green, fresh, and many, off-the-beaten-path. Here are some of the best places to have a grand time in Sicily.If you are planing to come to visit the island, you might book your accommodation in advance. You can stay in one of the many villas in Sicily that  can provide you with a comfortable and relaxing home away from home.  

  1. Taormina – This is perfectly located to allow you easy day trips to other places within the region. If you like to drive, you can visit a lot of towns. On the other hand, there are public transportation systems to make it convenient to see the surrounding places such as Mt. Etna and Siracusa. The city is full of its own tourist spots such as the world-famous Greek-Roman Theatre. 20 minutes away, you can while away hours lolling on the beaches of Isola Bella or Giardini Naxos.  
  2. The Noto Valley – For those who love the Baroque period, this is the place to visit. Eight towns located in this area are included in the list of the UNESCO World Heritage sites for their stylistic and dominant architectural urban plan. While a lot were ruined in a destructive earthquake, most were rebuilt as they used to be. Visit Ragusa and Modica for a tour of the many beautiful Baroque churches and buildings located there. 
  3. Siracusa – Having been the most important city in the Magna Graecia period, it is now home to one of the best ancient cultural heritages to be found. A visit here would be divided into two: first, a visit to the archaeological site to see an overwhelming number of well-preserved Greek, including Roman, ruins; and the second, the 2,500 year-old historical island of Ortigia. 
  4. Palermo – You just can’t miss the capital city of the island. This bustling place is full of museums, beautiful historical architectural buildings and monuments scattered around the city, the long stretch of beach, and delectable cuisine! Visit the open air markets to experience a quotidian routine in the Palermitan style!
  5. Agrigento – Home to one of the most famous historical attractions in Sicily, the Valley of the Temples is an amazing archaeological park consisting of eight temples built between 510 BC and 430 BC.

Saturday, 27 February 2016

The Places That Are Worth Visiting In 2016 | Travel

It’s easy to get wrapped up in our daily lives. When we get to take some well deserved time off with our families or loved ones, it’s important to use the time wisely.

It’s all about making memories. It’s important to me to travel and see different places and allow my son to experience new and exciting things. There is something about that feeling you get when you begin to pack or plan your holiday. We are all guilty of not letting go, or using our time off more effectively. Here are a few destinations to consider this year for when taking some time off.

There are many places to visit in Scotland. Being in West Yorkshire myself it’s not a big journey for me. You could easily make the trip in a car or fly from a local airport. With breathtaking cities and substantial countryside, it’s not difficult to see why it’s a popular visit for a break way.

Scotland could be a weekend break, or a weeks holiday. There is plenty to see and do whatever part you decide to visit.

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A little further away is the emerald isle of Ireland. With the beautiful untouched beaches, small villages and towns and some of the most scenic countryside you will witness. Ireland can be reached by ferry or aeroplane. You can choose the best way to get you there that would suit your holiday needs. There are some gorgeous holiday cottages in Ireland. Allowing you to get a more home from home feel to your trip away.

Walk the streets of Paris or take on the beaches of Nice. Travelling as a couple or with your family you will always find something to do. With museums galore, sightseeing, and even Disneyland Paris, there will so much you can fit into an extended break.

However, there are many other places to visit in France. Sample the wine regions, take a beach holiday on the French Riviera or enjoy a unique camping experience.

2541731737_65836a26a1_z.jpg(Image Source)

Take in the amazing sights of Bruges. Distinguished by its network of canals, cobbled streets and medieval buildings. Enjoy people watching from the cafe’s or get lots amongst the atmosphere when exploring this beautiful city.

Take in the bustling city of Brussels. With its small town charm, trendy bars and fine restaurants. Food lovers will find it difficult not love Belgium.

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The Azores Islands
For something a little different why not take a trip to see the autonomous region of Portugal. Island hop or soak in the vibe in the fishing villages. There are nine islands to discover. All offering their own unique experience.

These islands remote, volcanic and green. But the perfect place for hiking, adventure and a bit of whale spotting Some of the views available are stunning.

These destinations are perfect for weekends, away, extended breaks or a full week’s holiday. There will always be something to see or in do in these exciting destinations offering something for everyone. We need to make it a priority to make memories when we can, instead of being stuck in our routines.

How to Avoid Turning Into a Bridezilla | Lifestyles

Turning into a bridezilla before or during your wedding is a surefire way to annoy everybody and kill the atmosphere. Everybody is absolutely thrilled that you’re getting married, and they want nothing more than for you to have an awesome day. Don’t take any frustrations out on them! These tips will help you to avoid turning into bridezilla:

Don’t Be Scared to Ask for Help
You won’t be able to handle every single aspect of putting your wedding together yourself. It’ll just stress you out, and you’ll definitely get snappy with those that you love. Don’t be scared to ask for help! Ask your nearest and dearest to help you research, book, and plan your wedding. You’ll reduce your stress and you won’t feel like the weight of the world is on your shoulders.

Ask Someone You Trust to Tell You the Truth
Think of your most trusted person. Somebody you know won’t be scared to tell you the truth if you need it. Make sure they know it’s imperative they tell you if you turn into a bridezilla. You’ll know then to take a step back, relax, and figure out what you can do to amend whatever the problem is. Being horrible to the people you love while you plan your wedding might alienate them and they won’t want to help you.

Practice Relaxation Techniques
If you stress out fairly easily, then you must practice some relaxation techniques before you start planning. Get into the habit of using these relaxation techniques when you need them most, and find out what works best for you. Some people find simply taking some deep breaths helps them. Some say meditating for 15 minutes a day works wonders. There are plenty of other techniques you can use too, so do your research to find something for you.

Choose Vendors You Can Trust
When you take your time choosing vendors you can trust, you know you don’t need to worry about leaving important things in their hands. The more experience they have, the better. You want to make sure your wedding photographer, caterer, and entertainment vendors are all reputable companies that will go out of their way to help you. Choosing great vendors doesn’t guarantee there won’t be a single blip, but you’ll have better peace of mind.
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Don’t Panic
If something does go a bit wrong, don’t panic. Chances are your guests haven’t even noticed, and panicking will only make it worse. Are you really going to let something small ruin this day?

Remember Why You’re Doing it
Never lose sight of why you’re actually planning this day. It’s to spend the rest of your life with the person you love! The end result will always be the same, and that’s the most important thing.

Make sure you stay calm and composed if you want your wedding day to be the most amazing experience of your life. Be kind to your friends and family, they want to help you! Have a fabulous day!

Friday, 12 February 2016

Tricks And Tips For A More Youthful Face | Beauty

Do you dream of turning the clock back to your early twenties? Don’t worry you’re not alone, when it comes to our skin, we all wish we looked a little younger. While we could opt to undergo cosmetic surgery, for most of us the risks that come with it are just too high. Not to mention the fact that most procedures are painful and incredibly pricey.

5388738952_f19b448a26_o (1).jpg

The good news is that cosmetic surgery isn’t the only way to turn the clock back. There are plenty of tricks you can use to make your face appear younger. While most of these aren’t long lasting, they’re fantastic for filling in fine lines and giving your face that youthful glow you crave. To achieve a more youthful appearance without the use of cosmetic surgery, here’s what you need to do:

Moisturiser isn’t just crucial for healthy, radiant skin; it’s also a vital tool for younger looking skin. You may not realise it but when it comes to anti-aging, all face creams do something. Yes, even those cheap little testers that come with magazines. While creams made especially for anti-aging work better, all creams do something to make your skin look younger.

Any emollient - aka face cream, helps our skin to look younger by filling in fine lines and plumping. As well as moisturising each night, before applying your makeup use a good-quality face cream. This will help to smooth out your skin, giving you a smoother surface to apply your makeup to. You can stay young with face lifting cream that not only fills fine lines and plumps but also lifts your face making the skin appear more youthful.

Use retinol at night
The next best thing to cosmetic surgery is retinol cream. Unlike normal moisturisers this anti-aging gem slowly removes wrinkles and fine lines. Because of how it works, sadly retinol is not recommended for use on sensitive skin.

While this is available to buy over the counter, if you want the strong stuff you need a prescription for it. Book an appointment with your dermatologist and ask them to give you a prescription for a strong retinol cream. Within a few weeks of use, you’ll see a difference. (Your skin should look smoother, less wrinkled and more plump.)

Fake it with makeup
If the idea of going under the knife doesn’t appeal to you, the next best thing is to fake younger looking skin with makeup. To do this, instead of using a cream concealer or foundation, always opt for liquid. The reason for this is because cream makeup can sit in any fine lines that you may have, making them more visible.

When you’re applying your foundation, use a Beauty Blender to achieve a flawless finish. Using your fingers can warm up your foundation causing it to thin out, providing you with less coverage. Draw attention away from your ‘problem areas’ by contouring and strobing your face. Strobing is fantastic for making your face look younger as you choose which areas to highlight and draw attention to.

For a more youthful complexion without cosmetic surgery, take the tips above on board. They may not offer long-lasting results but they’re fantastic for giving your skin a boost of radiance.

Thursday, 11 February 2016

Webster's Pages Turquoise, my current planner set up | Stationery

I mentioned a few blog posts back that I would start showing my planner layouts, the inserts, how I pimp my planner with paperclips, washi tape and stickers and so on. I thought rather than doing a monthly update on what I'm using etc, I would just do it as and when I switched planners.

These Webster's Pages from 2015 were on sale at the end of last year on Create and Craft TV for £3 each, and the folios at the same cost. It's easy to say that everyone in the planner community went to pick up as much as they could. I for one only bought the white planner and folio, and the dark pink planner and folio at that time. Since then I've been hunting down the turquoise (the one I have now) and the caramel set too. I'll probably end up with the light pink and light blue set as well. They are just such versatile personal planners, cheap and do their job marvellously. I like to change mine around frequently and these seem to be the best I have at the moment.

I'm currently using the turquoise planner and folio set. I haven't pictured the folio but on a weekly basis I update it with the washi tape and sticker collection for the week in case I'm out and about and fancy having a bit of a change or adding a couple of stickers etc.

This is quite a plain and 'boring' set up for me, so I normally add to and take away depending how I fancy. That's what I love about planning, it's so versatile. In my weekly spread posts you'll see the different paperclips come and go, and adding different post it notes depending on how I feel.

I'm using the dashboard, pen, notebook (in the flap), sticky notes and charm from my latest Happie Scrappie subscription box. Roughly costing £15 per month for the personal size and being delivered without customs charges, it's definitely worth a purchase. This month's kit was donut and sweet themed. I absolutely adore it. The pastel pink box paperclip is from one of my favourite Etsy shops, IsabelleTheOwl and I'm sure you'll see me frequent about her stickers and planner accessories often. I can't remember where the bulldog clips and the other paperclip came from, they were probably received in a swap or I bought them on Etsy but I'm every so forgetful.

So that's my set up for the end of January and into February so far. As I mentioned in my first weekly spread coming soon, you'll see there have been more additions too!

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Monday, 8 February 2016

January, am I really going to make this my year? (A round up.) | Lifestyle

January has been and gone, and probably taking with it most of people's resolutions for the year already. I didn't make any for this year, but I told myself I would make being 30 damn awesome. So far, well yes I would say so good. Although it's been a rough month. Since Christmas I've spent the majority of it in bed trying to recover from flu but being held back by my ME. Then I had a relapse with my back, quite badly. Taking into account I have Fibromyalgia as well, my nerve pain was through the roof and I was signed off sick from college until after my surgery in February (which I've now had but will be included in the next monthly round up).

Why does everyone think a new year, a new person? I'm usually exactly the same and fall into the hype of dieting, joining some form of slimming club or faddy diet plan, and having my world come crushing down when it doesn't work. This year I've taken to self love and self healing, and making myself feel guilty wasn't one of my aims. So far this month I've been really successful in just having 'me' time, letting myself heal and having enough recovery time to ensure that my health can be the best it can this year.

I had a lovely festive period with my family, friends and loved ones. Things were a bit peaky over the New Year but I have so many amazing people that can pull me through illness that I know now I'm truly blessed.

We've had snow too, and it's Dexter's first proper time playing out in the snow and building a snowman. Unfortunately I was too sick to go out and play with him, but my dad made sure they built the cutest snowman, and my mum took some amazing shots too.

I've spent a lot of time reading Flow Magazine and Frankie Magazine along with crafting and pursuing my ever growing obsession and hobby of planning. I really should start showing my planner set ups and creations because man, they are amazing. If you follow me over on Instagram you've probably seen my sticker purchases and weekly planner layouts, something of which I'm hoping to incorporate more on to the blog in future.

Aside from reading magazines and sticking stickers in a planner I've been watching Jessica Jones, which surprisingly I've really enjoyed. I've also tried to watch Making a Murderer on several occasions and I just really don't 'get' what's going on. I just can't get anywhere past halfway through the second episode, I do keep trying to persevere though as everyone seems to really rate it highly. Pretty Little Liars is back and thank goodness, I've missed the eye candy! I've also been watching Shadow Hunters as I love Mortal Instruments so Wednesdays is always a great Netflix day for me.

I feel like I'm finding my feet again with this blogging lark, and writing things in retrospect really take me back to the place I was when I started my blog over three years ago. Time has flown, my blog has developed and changed, just as me as a person. Layouts and personal style have reflected this, but I think I'm finally happy with all these aspects, and hopefully my blog will truly be able to reflect me.

I'm lucky that I've also met my match! Tinder finally came in handy for something haha. M is a very interesting character, we share a lot of passion... for passion I guess. We both wear our hearts on our sleeves and throw ourselves into everything wholeheartedly. I've always said since the beginning that it's either going to be the most amazing, passionate relationship ever, or guns blazing. So far it hasn't been the latter, and we're sure it will stay like that. He's a good egg, incredibly loving and very good at looking after me, what more could I ask for?

I've been doing really well at college, at least I think so anyway! I'm proud with all I've achieved in the short space of few months. Going from a novice with hairstyling to winning competitions and excelling in colouring is where I want to be. I've put all my heart and soul into this career path and I feel it's worth every second. I feel truly grateful and very humbled when a client is happy with their new look, it's such an empowering feeling.

Overall, ups and downs, but definitely more highs. I really am making a go of 2016 being my year, and hitting 30 with a bang.

So until next month's update, adieu xo

Sunday, 7 February 2016

How much do you really know about healthy living? | Lifestyle

In a word, nothing. I'm probably the worst person to talk to about healthy living or knowing anything about living a health lifestyle. I've struggled with eating habits for the majority of my life, and hit yo-yo dieting like it's going out of fashion; and why? Because I don't know the basics on living a healthy lifestyle.

As some of you might have known I've been out of action for a considerable amount of the past two years only to hopefully have spinal surgery this week rectifying most of my problems. During the middle of last year I joined the gym for 'rehabilitation' exercise, to help strengthen my core muscles and build up muscle mass again in my leg and bum. At this point I re-joined Weight Watchers and lost around 2 stone which made me feel a whole lot better, until my back caved in and, well, that is a whole other story.

February, not just about sending hearts for Valentine's Day, but also national heart month too meaning there are lots more reasons to not give up your New Year's Resolutions or to start a new one this month. For me, thinking about keeping fit and keeping my body in check isn't about weight loss or how I look, it's simply about keeping myself sorted with the 'little things' that help me chase after my little boy and throw him up in the air on a daily basis.

Why not have a look at this quick quiz to see if there are any tips you can pick up on how to keep a healthy heart? Are you health and fitness guru?

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Tuesday, 2 February 2016

What does your wardrobe say about you? | Fashion

We're in February already, and I can't quite believe how quickly January has gone. I feel it was just last week I was looking at all my sparkly dresses and new pyjamas received as gifts, topped up with sales purchases. Obviously wondering where I'm going to fit everything in my wardrobe, I still haven't managed to get everything in yet and most are still hanging around with their tags on in the bags they came in.

This lead me to wonder what type of a person I am, do I clutter? Should I think about having a capsule wardrobe? Do I really need all those dresses in the same pattern just because the colour is different? Probably not. I really do need to think about spring cleaning soon, and de-cluttering my vastly growing dress collection to eBay.

I think my wardrobe says that I'm quite quirky, that I like similar styles and prints, but always need a few key and stylish pieces in there too. This is ultimately what I would like to downsize to anyway.

Have a look at this fun quiz, and work out what your wardrobe says about you...

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