Monday, 2 November 2015

How To Give Amazing Gifts That Won't Cost A Fortune | Lifestyle

Buying gifts is not always easy. It’s even harder when you have to stick to a budget. You could find the perfect gift for that special someone, but it could be completely out of your price range. So how do can you give amazing gifts that won’t cost a fortune? Follow my simple guide to find out.

1.Use online discounts
Retailers love to tempt us with great offers and promotions. If you sign up for their newsletters, you are guaranteed to be sent complimentary discounts to use on their websites. It’s also become popular for retailers to have promotional codes. These will apply a discount to your order just by entering a short codeword. It's such a simple yet brilliant way of saving money when gift buying. You can usually find out what discounts retailers have on offer by following their social media pages. Do your research and compare offers to find the best deal. For example Littlewoods currently have a promotional code where you can get £30 off. Always remember to read the small print to avoid confusion.

2. Shop in the sales
The sales are a great way of bagging brilliant presents, at a fraction of the price. Black Friday sales have huge discounts on thousands of products, both online and instore. You just need to be quick. They only last a few days and the stock will run out quickly. The post-Christmas sales are another great way of buying bargain gifts, especially if you want presents for next Christmas. The high street will want to get rid of its Christmas stock as soon as possible. So this will be an ideal time to get some wonderful gifts and save yourself some money.


3. Make your gifts
Gifts you’ve taken the time to make will always go down well. They don’t have to be expensive either. Save money by buying your gift supplies in bulk and make multiple gifts with them. You can also use items from second-hand shops to make your gifts. Gifts such as teacup candles won’t cost as much if you buy the tea cups from charity shops. They can be priced for as little as 50p. You can also buy old jumpers from charity shops and reuse their wool to make new items, such as scarves and gloves. Pound stores are fabulous for inexpensive gifts and offer cheaper alternatives to the supermarkets. They have everything from books to DVDs to kitchen utensils.

4. Quality Time
An incredibly thoughtful and inexpensive gift idea is that of quality time. Older family members who live alone will love this. You can plan simple activities to do together, such as watching a film or going on a hike. It’s important to spend time with your family and friends and this present will mean more than and thing you could buy.

With these four simple tips, you will both save money and give some incredible gifts no matter what the occasion. Always give yourself plenty of time to buy or make your gifts. Now go out there and get planning for all these celebrations.

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