Saturday, 22 August 2015

Yet another stationery wish list #3 | Stationery & Lifestyle

Welcome to another instalment of my stationery wish lists. As you all know by now I am pretty much a stationery addict and certainly a planner girl. I haven't featured my Erin Condren Life Planner on the blog yet, or my new Erin Condren notebook that matches my planner. I'm such a stationery geek I know. I thought it would be about time that I started to show a couple more of the hyped up and essential products in a stationery addict's world.

First up we have the sought after Kikki K time planner. These are quite hold to get hold of in the UK, they have to be imported direct from the seller or can quite often be found on eBay from Australia. The only problem is the hefty customs charges on top which can bulk them up to over £60 a go. The watermelon planner is a new addition on their site at the moment, teamed with the matching ballpoint pen this is a super cute planner and will definitely turn heads at Uni. Plus with it being a time planner, you can get the inserts for the following year, or even download personalised ones from Etsy.

Next up we have a new pencil case I've just bought. I've measured it up and hopefully it will be big enough to house my pens. I needed something cute, pastel and with sparkle prints essential to match my Erin Condren planner and notebook, and the matching pastel rainbow tassel accessory. This looks so much better than my boring Kate Spade red striped pencil case, or the pencil tin I bought initially from Wilko's folk stationery range as featured in this post here.

The Cath Kinston 'little birds' lanyard and matching travel wallet are essential for my daily commute. The travel wallet is ideal to keep my train tickets in, and makes it easier to show them when I get on/off the train. The lanyard is stylish and perfect to display my student card.

I picked the geometric print sticky notes as they come on a pad and have a closing front preventing them from becoming dirty. They are very sticky and hold extremely well on paper. I have a couple of these sets now and they are essential for making notes. I've also picked a couple of Kate Spade desktop accessories too, one being the sticky note set because it's rose gold and you can't get enough of sticky notes; and the second is the tackle box. The tackle box is ideal for making sure your desk is neat and tidy, and you have everything to hand in an instant.

Seriously though, how cute are these nail polish highlighters? Pulling one of these out of your pencil case when you're studying a hair and beauty course will surely wow the other students and make them super jealous.

Last but by no means least are a couple of pens from Paperchase. I always think it's ideal to have one black pen to write in, this needs to be comfortable and easy to write with, then I think it's important to have a coloured pen just in case you need to highlight your notes, underline, make other markings etc. The multi pen is ideal, several coloured pens in one meaning it takes up less space in your pencil case and you have much more choice!

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