Friday, 7 August 2015

Why I would love to be in Italy this summer | Travel

Italy is such a romantic country. It is beautiful and full of incredible art and history. It makes me sigh just thinking about it. I love that it is only a short flight away, but a whole world away from home. There is so much to love about Italy, and each region has something unique to offer for a holiday, or even just a weekend break.

Tuscany is one of the most popular regions of Italy. All that fresh air and beautiful countryside probably have a lot to do with it. Enjoy a long walk, or take on a cycling tour to see vineyards and orchards. The Tuscan diet is full of fresh flavours with fresh tomatoes and garlic appearing prominently.

The real joy of Tuscany is the art and architecture of Florence and Pisa. These cities are not to be missed! You can stay in the city or even enjoy an Italian style luxury villa to make your stay very special. With so much to do, and so many wonderful places to see, you will be spoilt for choice in Tuscany.

Rome is quite possibly the best city in Europe. There is an extraordinary vibe here. It’s one of those cities that is so rich in history, you can’t be cross to come across something that is new. The architecture is amazing. They certainly don’t make ‘em like that anymore! And the restaurants are plentiful, serving up some of the best traditional Italian dishes.

One of the best things about Rome is the nightlife. The music in the clubs is oddly appealing, and the bars are very relaxed and comfortable. Things operate at a different pace here, and it’s nice to take your time over a meal before enjoying a late night out. The arts are just as popular and prominent here as anywhere in Italy. A night at the Opera shouldn’t be missed if you are in town.

Pompeii was destroyed by volcanic activity hundreds of years ago. Today, most of the old town has been uncovered to reveal life as it was all that time ago. It’s an extraordinary place to visit, and one that you might want to do more than once. There is plenty of information around in English if you want to wander the town yourself. Why not take a guided tour, and hear about the archaeological expedition that unburied the lost town of Pompeii?

Mont Blanc is the place to head if you’re feeling adventurous in Italy. The Alps are incredible to view from any angle but if you fancy a climb then Italy’s highest peak could be the challenge you’re looking for! Check your insurance covers you for all your activities here. Even if you don’t venture to the top, there are plenty of stunning vantage points where you feel like you can see the whole of Europe.

Italy provides so much for any length of break. I doubt I could see everything I want to see in a single lifetime, let alone a single holiday. Still, there is no harm in trying to pack a lot into a holiday. Whether you are travelling by Gondola in Venice or cycling through the Tuscan countryside, you are sure to enjoy your stay.

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