Sunday, 30 August 2015

The Best Holiday Ideas for People with Children | Travel & My Motherhood Diary

What does the best family holiday look like? Well, there’s no single answer to that question. Why not consider these options if you’re going away with your children this year?

A Cycling Holiday
If your children are old enough to ride a bike easily, you could go for a cycling holiday. These are great fun because it keeps the family active, allows you to see the countryside and they’re very cheap. All you need is some rental bikes and somewhere to sleep at night, and that’s about it!

So, where can you go for the best cycling holidays? Well, that’s the great thing about cycling holidays, you can do them pretty much anywhere. Having said that, there are certain countries where cycling paths and routes are best. Europe is definitely the place to go, especially Italy and Holland.


Family Friendly Cruises
Cruises are not something that many parents consider when planning a holiday. But the stereotype of cruises being filled with old people in retirement simply isn’t true. There’s a whole variety of cruises to enjoy. Yes, some of them cater for people in retirement, but lots cater specifically for parents and children.

Do your research and make sure you book a cruise that is for families. They’ll offer all kinds of activities and games to keep the kids entertained throughout the time on the ship. And you’ll also have the opportunity to explore lots of different locations when the ship stops at ports around the world.

The ideal winter holiday destination is Lapland. It recreates the North Pole for the children, and the natural landscape is great for the adults to explore. They can go and visit Santa Claus and have fun in the snow. It’s like nowhere else on Earth, and every child loves it. It’s located in Finland so you can see the rest of the country while you’re there too.

One of the main attractions in Lapland is the husky holidays for families. They’re fun and exhilarating. The huskies pull you along while you hold on and enjoy the wintry landscape pass you by. What better way to spend a winter holiday than that?

A House Swap Holiday
Paying for hotels can be very expensive; it can be a big drain on parents looking for a fun family holiday. But one way to get around this problem is to take part in a house swap with a family in a different part of the world. This might sound like a strange and risky idea, but it can be a great way of saving money.

It’s not even particularly risky. There are companies and websites that facilitate these kinds of holidays. They make sure that the process is done safely and securely so that your property will be in good hands. You won’t have to pay for expensive accommodation, and you can go to any city or destination in the world!

Finding the ideal holiday when you have children can be difficult, so give these ideas some consideration.

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