Thursday, 6 August 2015

Planner Addicts meet up in Leeds | Lifestyle & Stationery

I've touched on the blog a couple of times about my love for stationery but haven't quite mentioned that I am a planner addict. Now up until a few months ago I didn't realise that I wasn't the only one. I just thought I enjoyed buying pretty Filofaxes and looking at them longingly. I'm so glad that it is actually a thing and through a couple of groups on Facebook I've made some cracking friends, bought some amazing planners (I'll talk about my Erin Condren addiction soon!) and found some beautiful stickers for my planner.

Being a planner girl is not only a hobby, but it keeps me organised, in control and sane. One of 'my' things is definitely being in control, and with my terrible short term memory loss (thanks ME/CFS!) it helps me keep on my way. I'm very reliant on having a diary and to-do lists.

The lovely Rachel of EllieBeth Designs UK decided to arrange a little get together for all the planner girls up north (and some travelled from London!) just to have a rummage around in each other's planner, chat about being a stationery addict, and gain some new inspiration for decorating our planners. Rachel creates the best stickers in the world, and pretty much the only ones in the UK that fit the Erin Condren Lifestyle Planners perfectly, although I've been using them in my Filofax until recently, and have just bought some personalised ones for college and my next Open University module to use in my new planner which will be arriving shortly.

There were roughly 25 of us (I can't remember now as it was back in June) but it was so lovely to meet so many people who share the same hobby. I didn't even know that local blogger and one of my friends Toni from The Left of Perfect was a planner girl too! So we popped along together to Patisserie Valerie after having a little stationery shop in the morning (it had to happen!) for cake, tea, and a good old chat.

I learnt so many things about planners. That the world is so big for planner addicts, and there are so many beautiful agendas I've never seen before. I'm talking Inkwell Press and seeing a agenda in the flesh. Honestly when I had her in my arms I didn't want to give her back! I gained different planner knowledge on what Midori's and FauxDori's are, and how to make my own. I even discovered large, handmade paper clips were a thing, along with making tassels for your planner (one of which I now own and will be featured in another blog post shortly!).

In all honesty, it was one of the best days of my life; and only another planner girl could share my love for it. I can safely say this is one club that I enjoy being a member of, and will continue to be a lifelong member of too!

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  1. This sounds amazing! I've recently become a huge planner addict and just purchased the happy planner (I just couldn't justify the cost of the Erin Condren) and I am so in love! People think I'm crazy but I just tell them that I'm crazy organised :P