Tuesday, 11 August 2015

My Favourite At Home Beauty Treatments | Beauty


Taking a trip to your favourite beauty salon is a luxury that most people don't get that often. It's affordable every once in a while, but not something you can do all the time. Whether you're addicted to manicures or love a facial, the costs can add up if you have them frequently. Luckily, there are alternatives: do it at home for nothing! I have several ways I prefer to do my beauty treatments at home, instead of paying for a salon. It means a little bit more work on my part, but it's less painful for my bank account. Here are my top treatments to do at home. It's even better if you get some friends round and turn it into a party.

Manicures and Pedicures
If you've never given yourself any salon-style treatments at home before, manicures are the best place to start. A lot of people are unsure about doing their own nails, but you can get it right if you take your time. When it goes wrong, it's usually because you're rushing it and getting impatient. Some quality polish will go a long way too, especially if you get some quick-drying stuff. Prepare your nails first, and apply a couple of coats of colour before you cover it with a clear top coat. You can find some easy designs if you want something more complicated than a plain block of colour.

Facial Treatments
Going to a salon for a facial is relaxing, but leaving the house is stressful. There are lots of ways that you can treat the skin on your face without leaving home. You can even give yourself a chemical peel, although that might be something you'd prefer to do at a salon. If you want to try some different face masks, there are tonnes of options. Apart from buying ready-made masks from the shop, there are lots you can make at home. Using ingredients ranging from avocado to brown sugar, you can make scrubs and face washes that are just as good as salon treatments.

Microdermabrasion is a great way of restoring your skin, which uses tiny crystals to remove the outer layer. You can use it on your face, and other areas of your body too. Most people go to a salon for it, but you can get a kit to do it at home too. Comparing professional versus at home microdermabrasion, you can get excellent results doing it yourself. The machine comes with a wand, sometimes with different attachments. There are lots of models you can choose from at various price levels too.

It might be more of a therapy than a beauty treatment, but I can't resist a massage. If you don't have someone to give you one, there are lots of tools you can use to do it yourself. You can get electronic massagers to release the tension in your muscles. And there are manual tools too, which can be more gentle.

You don't have to go to an expensive salon to enjoy a beauty treatment. If you find the right products, you can do everything you want in your own home.

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