Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Le Creuset Event, Leeds | Lifestyle

A couple of weeks back I headed over to Victoria Quarter in Leeds for the Le Creuset Cheese and Wine event. And boy, I was so glad I did. Not only did Le Creuset show us their new wares but had Friends of Ham alongside for cheese and chestnut beer and serrano ham and sherry pairing.

The new range of cheese and wine bakeware and accessories is sublime, there were products that I would never have thought of before such as wine glass markers (a box of which I came home with), the fabulous 'toucan' shaped corkscrew made for those of us with fiddly hands, and a very interesting wine aerator. I'm not a wine person, and I know every blogger will probably hate me right now, but I rarely touch alcohol. So for me it was interesting to see how different red wine tasted having just been poured from the bottle, and then aerated. Even I could taste the difference and I'm certainly not a wine connoisseur. From the bakeware side of things, I absolutely adored the Camembert baker (also came home with one of those, thanks so much Le Creuset, you spoilt me!) as well as the cheesy delights that I sampled within.

From a cheese perspective we were treat to a gorgeous fondue and a roasted fig Camembert, but my favourite of all had to be the sweet and salted Camembert. I have since replicated this at home and it tasted just as good, and so good that you'll be seeing a recipe post shortly from the Le Creuset Cheese & Wine book so please keep your eyes peeled for the deliciousness to follow. I've only baked Camembert in the wooden box it's usually packed in, so it made a nice change for it to be spread out and lovingly topped with treats too.

As mentioned above, the folks from Friends of Ham (fondly known to me as House of Pigs) joined to show us how to pair sherry with serrano ham, and chestnut beer with cheese. Now this is something I've never done because I generally don't favour sherry or beer, but my goodness was this amazing. There were layers of flavour packed with a punch, and it was delightful surprise to my tastebuds. Since this event I've even had a couple of different IPAs and stretched myself to trying out different flavour combinations. There's life left in this old girl yet.

The event was certainly eye-opening to me as I don't cook often enough, and don't understand food and flavour pairings well, so definitely learnt a couple of lessons to be taken away too. All in all, it's made me keep to learn more and add more Le Creuset to my collection.

A big thank you to Victoria Quarter and Le Creuset and Friends of Ham in Leeds for having such an amazing event and inviting me along, and also for sending me home with such an amazing goodie bag that allowed me to recreate some fabulous dishes at home!

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  1. Oh wow I'm so jealous this looks like such a fun event! I love Le Creuset - I'm obsessed with their little heart shaped individual cooking pots - one day I'll buy a set but for now I've got the oil and vinegar dispensers which are super cute too! x

    Laura | Loved By Laura