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Help Your Friend Celebrate Her Birthday In Style | Lifestyle

Does one of your closest friends have a birthday coming up? Whether it’s a big birthday, like her 30th, or the passing of just another year, you will want to make her day special for her.

Birthdays are important, they mark the day of a miracle happening, and so they deserve to be celebrated. However, sometimes when it comes to thinking of ways, to help your friend celebrate her special day, it’s easy to get stuck for ideas.
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To help you celebrate your friend’s special day in style, here are a few tips and ideas that should come in handy.

Make the day all about her
If you are lucky enough to spend the whole day with your friend on her birthday, ensure that you make the day all about her. Think about the type of things that she loves to do, and plan a day that includes doing all of her favourite things.

For instance, if your friend is an ice cream lover, make sure to pop into her favourite ice cream parlour at some point in her special day. If your friend is someone who loves spending time at her favourite spa - who doesn’t, why not book a spa day for the two of you?

Whatever you choose to do to make her day special, make sure that you keep everything that you have planned a surprise.

Get her a gift that she’ll love
A birthday isn’t a birthday without presents, am I right? So make sure to get your friend an awesome present that she will love. It can sometimes be hard choosing the perfect present, especially when you are stuck for ideas.

However, the key is to take your time, think about what she likes and an idea will come to you - trust me. Try not to get her a gift that she may have had before, you can find lots of unusual gifts for her online, so it’s worth taking a look.

If all else fails, opt for a bottle of her favourite perfume, a bunch of flowers, and a box of chocolates.

Bake her a cake
If you want to make your friend’s birthday extra special, why not bake her a birthday cake? Everyone loves cake, and it’s not a birthday without a slice of cake, so making her a cake is a great way to celebrate the day.

If you can, try to find out what her favourite cake is. Is she a chocolate cake lover? Is she a fan old a good old Victoria sponge? Or, does she prefer something a little bit different, like an orange and polenta cake?

If your friend isn’t a fan of cake, you could always make her favourite treat instead. Perhaps you could make birthday brownies, cookies or marshmallows, instead?

There are lots of simple ways that you can make your friend’s birthday a day to remember. Make her a cake, buy her a present and spend time with her, and you’ll make her birthday a great success.

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  1. Such a lovely post! I always bake my friends cake then decorate it to represent their personality - individual in every way :) x

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