Friday, 21 August 2015

Baker Days Letterbox Cakes | Lifestyle

When Baker Days posted a Tweet looking for bloggers to review their letterbox cake*, I jumped at the chance and instantly replied. I mean, being in hospital is pretty drab, so what better than having a cake ready for me when I got home?

It was ideal, because when I arrived home it arrived the same late morning and really cheered up my day. I was a little selfish and has the whole cake to myself, they are quite small but obviously this is needed as they are posted through your letterbox. You can still get 3-4 pieces cut out of the cake though, and for £14.99 I think this is a bargain.

I asked for my blog logo (at the time, before Jemma of Dorkface designed me this brand spanking new one, awesome right?!) to be printed on the cake, and doesn't it look amazing? They have centred the text for me, and placed the sparkles around the cake. It looks absolutely awesome, too good to eat. Or not, no cake is too good for me to eat haha.

The cake was absolutely delicious, lots of vanilla flavouring in the sponge which is what I love. The sponge was moist and crumbled well. Absolutely delectable! The fondant topping wasn't overly sweet or sickly like some can be, and worked so well with the sponge. It was definitely freshly made, and I could only highly recommend them them.

Delivery was very quick, and the cake arrived in a 'just for you' tin to keep it well packaged during it's journey. The tin was fitted inside a box with a card, balloons and candles; making it absolutely perfect alternative to a card for birthdays (

We all know everyone at the moment are receiving their GCSE and A Level results and having their places accepted at colleges and University, so wouldn't it make such a great little gift to celebrate the occasion? They have lots of images to choose from for all kinds of occasions, and you can even upload your own photo should you wish to personalise it a little more. Not only do they offer letterbox cakes, you can have cupcakes ( and larger cakes delivered too!

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