Thursday, 9 July 2015

Why feeling beautiful can be good for you | Beauty

Feeling beautiful can make you feel confident and assertive. When you don’t feel very attractive, it can leave you feeling shy and introverted. This could even affect your chances in job interviews and make it difficult for you to make new friends. We all want to be beautiful but most importantly, we want to feel beautiful.

If you feel shy in new situations, then you may be showing that you’re uncomfortable with your posture. Our posture seems to collapse, leaving our shoulders hunched, and our necks bent over our chests. This posture is common for people who suffer from lethargy too. If you can correct this posture, it can improve your energy levels, as well as making you appear more confident.

Some people with poor teeth try not to smile. Smiling is a very important part of our non-verbal communication. If your teeth don’t look good, then visit your dentist to see what can be done. You may just need a cleaning session and a good whitening treatment. Oral health is important to our general health too, so it’s worth investing the time. Your new smile will make you appear confident, and smiling makes you beautiful.

Many of us think our faces are ugly. Often this is down to just one part of our face not being the way we would like. Noses come in all shapes and sizes, but few of us like the nose we’re born with. Many of us are also born with nasal problems like a deviated septum. A good rhinoplasty surgeon can let you know what your options are, and help you decide if surgery is right for you. It may be just the confidence boost you need.

Those of us who are unhappy from time to time may become comfort eaters. Staying sociable gives us fewer opportunities to sit around eating. A good social life keeps you active to help you avoid weight gain too. If you feel you may have ignored your diet for a while, why not make a few changes now? More vegetables with each meal or even a juicing diet can make you feel better instantly. It helps with your digestive process and energy levels. When our bodies feel good, we feel more beautiful.

To stay active, why not join an exercise class or even an amateur dramatics society? Keeping active or busy with other people is the best motivator to keep it up. Drama groups help you build your confidence too. If you like playing music, playing with a band can burn off some calories too. It’s good fun and helps you to enjoy more social situations. These are perfect opportunities for showing off your new found confidence and beauty.

Beauty may be in the eye of the beholder, but that's you each time you look in the mirror. Feeling beautiful is about accepting all that you are, and sharing that good feeling with others. We need other people to accept our company, assuring us that we're good enough as we are. Social settings help us to feel beautiful in that way. Feel beautiful today.

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