Thursday, 2 July 2015

Travelling this summer? Here is one tip I can give you | Travel

So now I've grabbed your attention with my first catchy headline, I have one major tip for all you holidaymakers and travellers this summer. Make sure you have travel insurance. It's one of the most important travel tips I could give you. I've travelled a lot, with numerous airlines and airport changes, and I can safely say I have been super lucky not to have had any problems travelling, but I always ensure I have travel insurance just in case

Why do you need travel insurance?
Travel insurance isn't just to cover your medical bills in case something might happen, but also to cover the fact that one of your prize possessions might be damaged in transit, if any of your luggage goes missing, your holiday money goes missing or ends up stolen, or if your flight is cancelled or delayed. 

What are the key components to travel insurance?
- Medical emergencies and evacuation: hospitals in USA can charge upwards of $10k for medical treatments. 
- Trip cancellation: this can also include you cancelling the trip at short notice if you are unable to make the trip say because of the death of a close relative. 
- Baggage and personal belongings: as mentioned above, possessions being damaged, lost or stolen. 
- Personal liability: this is in case you are involved in an accident. 
- Coming home early and resuming your trip: it's worth looking into your policy to see whether your 12 month insurance policy is covered for 12 months, or just until the end of your trip. 

Columbus Direct have created an infograph showing what people of the UK are most likely to claim for on their travel insurance. It's really interesting to see that Londoners and folks from Wales are most likely to for lost bags and medical expenses. 22.83% of claims from folks in the north east are for plane cancellations which isn't a big surprise to me! Some of you may know about my disastrous return from China at the beginning of the year, having the last leg of our flight being delayed by around 5 hours and then being diverted from Leeds Bradford Airport to East Midlands Airport! Damn. 

It's definitely worth checking out the infograph above, there are some pretty interesting statistics that I wouldn't have imagined, and a lot that I didn't think of in much detail either. I'll definitely be better prepared for my future flights, and obviously, will have travel insurance with that too! 

The best way to find travel insurance that will meet your need and your budget is by having a look on price comparison websites. They are really good and also let you see the policy documents before you take out travel insurance with a given quoted company, it's always best to see what you'll be signing up to first just in case it doesn't cover something you require, or the amount covered is too low. 

This blog post has been written in collaboration with Columbus Direct, and may contain product sample(s); all content contained within, images (unless specified) and opinions are my own.

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