Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Tips for keeping your bedroom tidy | Lifestyle

I probably have one of the messiest bedrooms, and have done since I was a teenager. In fact, I'm a messy person full stop. To say I'm organised and like to keep things in their places, it never lasts very long. Time4Sleep are looking for the UK's messiest bedroom, and currently have a competition running on their blog where you can win a storage bed of your choice up to the total of £500, which is an absolute bargain!

As mentioned above, I'm really, really messy. I tend to keep my room tidy and organised for a week or so and then it's a complete mess again with nothing to be found. However, I've been thinking of little ways that I can better store beauty and stationery products so that they aren't left lying around for little hands to grab.

Here are a couple of useful tips for small storage solutions:
For lipsticks, I keep them in a gorgeous Orla Kiely coffee jar. I ended up collecting all three of these jars and each has a different purpose. They are an excellent size to keep lipsticks in, and you can always see your favourite shade at a glance. I keep my brushes in a pen pot which I picked up from Wilko's a couple of years back, in the same range there was also a letter rack. As you can see this is where I keep my foundation and eyeshadow palettes.

I am also a planner and stationery addict, which means I have lots of post it notes and stickers lying around. I think the best small storage solution for these is to keep them in a beautiful My Little Box beauty box. I no longer subscribe to subscription boxes as I have far too many, and too many products to use, so I've decided the boxes are a perfect size for my stationery bits and pieces. You can also see that I like to use leftover jars. You may recall my blog post earlier this year when I did a little DIY on the smaller baby food jars, where I keep my paper clips and drawing pins. I also use the larger ones for pens and pencils.

Lastly, as you can see I use one of my other Orla Kiely coffee jars to store post it notes and page flags in, it has multiple uses and also works well as a book end too! I also have a Kate Spade box from a previous purchase (I love the colours!) that I use for stationery supplies, always a touch of beauty to my desk.

So what do you think about my storage solutions? Do you have any handy ones you could recommend? Or do you think you have the UK's messiest bedroom?


  1. Oh I'm so messy. My only solution is to try and tidy gradually and just pick up one thing each time I go in a room rather than try and do it all at once. I love your storage solutions and Orla Kiely jars, if only I liked coffee!

    Lisa | Not Quite Enough

  2. My room is such a mess. I tidy it and then its back to stuff everywhere within a day. I just have too much stuff and not enough storage. I use coffee jars for pens, brushes, eyeliner. Soo many jars but mine are the boring ones
    Beth x
    Mermaid in Disguise