Thursday, 9 July 2015

Prescription glasses from Glasses on Spec | Beauty

I've been wearing glasses for over ten years now, and I really am incredibly dependent on them. Although I wouldn't say I was completely blind without them, I do really struggle to see anything. I can make out shapes, but they are pretty blurry, and almost every year over the past ten years I've had to have new prescriptions glasses due to prescription changes, although every time I go the optometrist reassures me that my eyesight will probably remain the same. How wrong they are!

Have you ever had an eye test? Here are a couple of reasons why you should maintain your eye health even if you don't think you have trouble with your sight:
- Your eyes won't hurt if there is something wrong, it's always best to keep up your eye tests every two years just to check for any eye conditions.
- Symptoms for eye conditions aren't usually seen until there is a problem, regular eye health checks make sure that anything is picked up early enabling quicker and more effective treatment.
- And if you do have trouble with your sight, regularly check ups make sure you have the right prescription, you could be doing more damage to your eyes if you don't.

I first started noticing problems with my eyesight when I was 17. Commuting to the city was proving a problem as I couldn't read signs in the train station, and had to be right underneath before I could focus on seeing the train platform and times. I remember after having my eye test and collecting my first pair of glasses, visiting a friend and going shopping, I was amazed at how clear my eyesight was, and how short-sighted I really was. I think I annoyed her by the end of the day after reading all the signs and shops in the distance!

However, the cost of prescription glasses soon adds up. Whilst some high-street stores offer 2 for 1 on glasses and designer frames, and have summer offers on where you can pick up a pair of prescription sunglasses for free, I still don't enjoy paying over £69 for two pairs of glasses when I will only end up wearing one set of frames at a time. My prescription changes that often that having two pairs of frames to go through would be a complete waste, and it costs far too much to have my new prescription set into new lenses for the frames I already own. My last pair of plain black frames still cost me £45.

So I've started looking for cheap prescription glasses online. You may have a couple of previous posts here on Satchels & Pearls where I have mentioned online prescription services before. Glasses on Spec (absolutely love the name!) offer cheap but quality prescription glasses from £13 including free delivery. As well as being able to order a pair of glasses from there, they also offer a reglazing service in case you wanted to buy a vintage pair of frames and have them glazed with your prescription; from only £23.50 this is one of the cheapest services I've seen so far, and that's definitely encouraging me to buy that vintage pair of Chanel glasses I've been lusting over on eBay for quite some time.

After having a look at the current range of glasses they have, I've narrowed my choice down a couple of pairs that I would love in my collection, and for the price I can certainly have more choice! What can I say? I have a thing for tortoiseshell, vintage glasses.

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