Thursday, 2 July 2015

Make Diamonds Your Best Friend For The Ultimate Feminine Look This Summer | Fashion

If you’re looking for a feminine outfit this season, then there are plenty to choose from at the designer powerhouses. The ‘girly’ style is hotting up like the weather. Most of us already have some core items in our closets to put this look together. But this season is set to be extra sparkly with the addition of gemstones.  

When you’re looking for accessories that feature gemstones, you want to be sure they are high quality. Some cheap knock-offs have excess glue that has caused an unpleasant stain around the gem. It’s better to pick items that have been set rather than glued on directly.

When it comes to color, you can find artificial gemstones or crystals in almost any color you like. Try to avoid colors that are too strong. You want something light enough to catch the light and make a statement! Just remember you’re trying to achieve a little sparkle rather than dragging around a lot of bling.

Handbags and wallets with encrusted jewel stones look stunning. There are plenty on offer from the designers this season. There are also some gorgeous scarves with jeweled finishes. They look amazing wrapped around your bag handle.

Shoes can supply all the bling you’re looking for if you go for something with gems along the heel stem, or across the buckle. These aren’t great for a really hot day, so you could think about investing in a pair of sandals that give you plenty of sparkle. Look for shoes in black or brown to contrast with any decorative gemstones.

Of course, if you’re looking for the ultimate shine, real diamonds are the only way to go. With so many different cuts, you can wear rings, necklaces, earrings, brooches and bracelets. They really are a girl’s best friend when you’re looking for a classy and stylish feminine look.

Diamonds come in lots of different qualities. For a comprehensive guide on how to tell the difference just look at Charles Rose rings. You can’t beat a quality diamond when you’re looking to create the ultimate ‘girly’ look. A ring and a good manicure are essentially feminine. Go for the highest quality you can afford.

The feminine look requires a free, flowing outfit. Your hair may be down in waves, and your earrings lengthy. You might be in this season’s hottest white dress, or in something country inspired. Keep it shapely and dress it up to shine. Diamonds, gemstones, or even a glossy lipstick finishes this look off beautifully.

If you’re feeling inspired to shine out this season, then look for those accessories that are decorated. Just one or two gemstones go a very long way. They’ll add just enough sparkle to become attention grabbing. Jewelry is key to a polished look in the feminine style. Don’t add too much. Instead, look for one or two pieces that dazzle.

For a hot day, casual outfit, why not dress up those pins with a gorgeous diamond anklet? A cuff bracelet on the arm can have the same effect when you’re in a strapless top. The best thing about diamonds is they go with anything. Dress up in eye-catching, feminine styles this summer.

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