Monday, 13 July 2015

Lumia 640 XL ~ a review | Lifestyle

You may have noticed a few weeks ago on Twitter and Instagram I mentioned I was excited yet slightly apprehensive to be trialling the Lumia 640 XL for a period of two weeks. Excited because before I bought my iPhone 6 Plus, a Lumia is the other phone I was looking at, but quite anxious about swapping before trying it out, so I left it and bought the iPhone 6 Plus. And apprehensive because I had no idea what I should be expecting from trying out a different smartphone than one I have been used to for so many years.

I was really pleasantly surprised when the smartphone arrived, beautiful packaging then revealing the neon orange smartphone inside. What grabbed my attention first, beside the colour, is how light the 640 XL really is. It is considerably lighter than the iPhone 6 Plus, even though they are the same size. The screen on the Lumia 640 XL fits the whole phone, so is a little larger than the iPhone 6 Plus.

I found it really difficult to use the phone initially, although the OS runs just as fast as the iPhone I couldn't seem to really navigate myself around the phone to use it's full functions. Sadly, although it did get a little easier, this was the same at the end of my two week trial period, perhaps I didn't manage to use it to it's full ability and check out all the features that the phone had because I still had my iPhone to hand.

I found the Twitter and Instagram apps very dated and quite awkward to use. There was some lagging when refreshing Twitter and posting Tweets that I wasn't keen on however, it did work very well. Instagram on the other hand wasn't as good, it's the beta version being the very first issue of the app without any updates so there weren't many editing and filter options which let the Lumia down. Also, I found that a lot of my apps I use on a day to day basis weren't available for download, and trying to set up emails was a complete nightmare for me. I'm pretty tech savvy and even I struggled to set up the email account for my own server, so yet again left that on my iPhone.

When I headed to the Body Shop Skipton event I decided it would be the perfect time to try out the camera. Having heard amazing things about the 13mp Carl Zeiss lens and optics (one thing I was eager to try as this struck me as one of the main selling points) but felt indifferent about it. I wasn't really let down, but I wasn't wowed either. The camera took really nice photos however, the screen didn't show them up incredibly well which was unfortunate. They weren't as crisp and clear to view on the screen as I would have liked. Overall, as you can see from the image below, there wasn't a lot of difference between the photo quality, although the iPhone 6 was a little clearer, but lets be honest, for the price you are getting an absolute bargain of a camera.
I was so looking forward to trying out Cortana, I think this is what drew me to the phone in the first place, but I couldn't get her to recognise a single thing I said. I even had my mum try, and yet again, she had no idea. We don't have strong Yorkshire accents, and I even tried a mimic a London accent (like my mum!) but that didn't work. On this point she really let me down.

What I did like about the Lumia, and probably it's saving grace for me, was the integration with Facebook. I enjoyed the group updates and chat notifications instantly, and admired how the Lumia worked with this service. However, I don't really use Facebook that often, so yet again although it was a lovely feature, it didn't really work for me.

If I could do the review again I think I would definitely box up the iPhone for the two week trial period. Having it with me at all times proved hard to really get to grips with the features of the Lumia which was a shame, but for me I needed to have that security of something I could trust and use. I wasn't sure if the Lumia would let me down. Unfortunately, hands down, for me the iPhone 6 Plus wins. I'm too stuck in my ways to change all my technology to fit another way when it works for me.

All in all, the Lumia 640 XL is a fabulous smartphone for someone who is just starting off, for someone who has other Microsoft products, and incredibly reasonable for the price at just £184.98 which is a considerable difference in price from the iPhone 6 Plus that I currently own. It's a shame because I just wanted to love the phone, but it just didn't happen for me.

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  1. I love my nokia lumia, i have the 630 though =]