Wednesday, 17 June 2015

What 'is' my spirit animal? | Lifestyle

Okay, so when I first decided to write this post I was honestly confused as to what an actual spirit animal was. I've seen quite a few people mention on Twitter that people are their spirit animal, and it really confused me. I presumed a spirit animal was an actual animal, but I've been wrong on several occasions before so I could be wrong again. The only way to work this out is to hit up Google and actually see what the definition was.

Now I didn't realise a 'spirit animal' was in fact a totem generally representing traits and skills that I can learn or already have. Ok, so what animal do I think would most represent me? Well probably a fish, I mean I have short term memory problems and am pretty lazy, although I don't like swimming so that's out the picture. Oh but wait I am Sagittarius so I'm a water baby. It's getting all a little confusing for me right now. How are you actually meant to pick what your spirit animal is? I decided to do a little online quiz and see what that came back with.

Being asked questions like 'I need lots of time to recharge' and 'I would rather be engaging in arts and crafts activities' may sound like me, but I definitely don't think they sound much like a butterfly right? Although I would say I am a social butterfly, and I do like bright colours so perhaps. Yeah I don't think that's right after all. A butterfly? Nah. After thinking about it for quite a long time I've decided I'm either a cat or dog, I like both their traits. Dogs are more fun loving creatures that tend not to think before doing things and enjoy the more fun side of life, although being a cat means I can sleep a lot and be tended to frequently. It's really hard to pick between the two.

I think that's why I've always had both a dog and cat as a pet? They are such beautiful and loving creatures. Although my cat, she's not that loving. She's incredibly solitary, especially with a small person pulling her tail a lot! I guess I am more of a dog person though, purely for the 'fun' aesthetic, oh plus they are definitely more loving. I'm a dog lady, not a cat lady. And above all, I take care of my pets. They aren't just pets, they are family members, and I know lots of other folks in the UK feel the same. Taking care isn't just by having fun with them, but making sure they eat well, are walked and exercised enough (and that includes the cat!) but also to make sure they have regular vet check ups too. More Than offer great dog insurance policies, and that's always really important to factor into your budget. I know nowadays lots of vet surgeries offer policies with the group itself but those can be pretty costly, especially when you can cover your dog for as little as £8.52 per month. I know I'd rather make sure my pet was covered in case of any 'be more dog' nasty accidents! I've heard of some vet bills costing thousands for dogs breaking a leg. Ouch, and more ouch!

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  1. after considering all the point's though, Dylan Moran is most definitely my spirit animal.

  2. You got me really curious with this post so I went on to Google and had a look of how I could find out what my spirit animal is and apparently I am a Swan.

    Jo x