Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Vintage Kilo Sale, Leeds: The Tips | Fashion

You may have seen last week over on Instagram that I was the blogger for the Vintage Kilo Sale in Leeds. It's not my first time to this event so I knew what I was looking for, and how I would go about getting it! The event is always packed because, as the title suggests, you pay by the kilo for the items you buy. One kilo costs a low price of £15, and at this event there were shoes priced at £5. Unfortunately all the shoes in my size were sold out, bummer!

I did pick up a couple of beautiful outfits from the Vintage Kilo Sale, so keep your eyes peeled for an outfit blog post to come shortly. Mostly consisting of pleated skirts and everything in polka dot print, right up my street.

Here are a couple of tips for going to a Vintage Kilo Sale:

1. Pick which time you want to go: From 11-12am the event costs £3 for early bird entry, bearing in mind there is a considerable queue outside so be aware of this in case the weather is pretty dull or raining. From 12noon the event is £1 entry, and is open until 4pm.

2. Make sure you check the rails twice, or three times: I often go back to a rail for another look when it's a little less crowded as you can have a good rummage. It's also often worth checking rails for items that have just been hung back up by people who have changed their mind, you never know what you might find.

3. Try things on: Wear something thin such as a vest top and leggings and you can try things on over the top. At this event there was a little area for changing but you might be waiting a while. There were lots of people trying things on over the clothes they had on, it's quick and easier that way.

4. Make sure you don't put anything down on a rail that you want: Because someone will run off with it, I can guarantee it.

5. Put your clothes in your bag prior to paying: And put the coat hangers in the box. Be a sport people. No one likes looking through a rail of clothes when there are single coat hangers clinging on to clothes for dear life. Also, it's much easier for you to carry everything around in your bag.

6. Be courteous: Don't knock people out of the way please. This is extremely important if you're there on crutches (as I was last time I went to the event). I understand everyone wants to pick up a bargain, but barging people out the way is not the British way.

7. Have fun: And pick up some super bargains on the way!

Usually a kilo consists of around 3-4 items of clothing, depending on your clothes size and the weight of the items you're purchasing. I think £15 for 3-4 items of vintage clothing is an absolute bargain. Plus, if you buy over 10 kilos of clothing, the price goes down to £10 per kilo!

Leeds is done for this year however, have a look on the Judy's Vintage Fair website here for other Vintage Kilo Sales happening around the UK for the rest of the year. I can't wait for them to come back next year!

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