Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Saltaire Arts Trail | Lifestyle

At the end of May during the Bank Holiday weekend we headed into Saltaire to meet up with a friend and have a walk around Saltaire Arts Trail. I don't visit Saltaire enough to know what events are going, but apparently this has been running for years and I didn't know! We popped into Saltaire a couple of days before for a visit to Salts Mill which is where we first discovered the event running over the weekend. The Monday was quite a nice (dry!) day so we decided to head over and see what was going on.

Saltaire Arts Trail is what is says on the tin, a trail of art around Saltaire. You actually get to head into people's homes to discover local artists and handmade items. It's such a lovely experience to follow the trail around the beautiful terraced houses in Saltaire, and we had loads of fun. The main highlight for me was being able to walk into people's living rooms and have a sneak peek of their furniture and decor, I'm huge on lifestyle and interiors so this was such a nice experience! Victoria Hall was open to a maker's event and lots of artists had their own stalls selling their artwork. There were so many interesting pieces that I can't put my finger on just one. I did end up taking a lot of photos so this blog post will be image heavy even though I've narrowed them down quite significantly.

A couple of my favourite pieces had to be the printed jars, and the artist let me take a chocolate bourbon biscuit too! The wire birds were so delicate and absolutely stunning, although they were a little pricey (too much for me to buy one!) they would look absolutely stunning on anyone's shelf. Last but not least, are they amazing yet creepy baby-dogs.

So much work went into this event, and it looked to be such a huge success! There were loads of people walking around and visiting houses. I'll definitely be heading over again next year, and will try and make a more conscious effort of visiting every house this time! I did have Dexter with me so it was quite awkward trying to take him in every home with me. As you can imagine, small fingers love to touch everything.

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