Friday, 26 June 2015

My morning skincare routine feat. NSPA | Beauty

I've been struggling for years to find the perfect skincare routine. I find an amazing one that I can actually stick to, then I use all the products and find them unavailable to buy in the UK market. Such as happened in this blog post here. For a couple of years I used Clinique face products and found that a pretty good regime however, they really used to dry my skin out so I stopped using them.

That's when I found out about NSPA products and absolutely fell in love. I love how cheap these products are, the fact they are brilliant dupes of higher end and more expensive products, and that they work brilliantly with my skin type. I was first introduced to the Oil-Free Moisture Gel in a beauty blogger swap a couple of years back and have used it on and off since then. I'm completely hooked now and I used this every morning in my skincare routine.

I have oily and dehydrated skin and these products help keep my oil, shine and sebum at bay whilst fully hydrating my skin. I also have incredibly sensitive skin and I am allergic to a lot of products, especially around my eye area, and I can safely say all these products work wonderfully for me.

NSPA Hot Cloth Polish
Normally I liked to exfoliate every morning, but since using the olive oil cleanser from the blog post above I've become hooked on using a cream cleanser. For step one in my cleansing process I use the Hot Cloth Polish and muslin cloth to clean my skin. This works wonderfully and leaves my skin feeling clean and hydrated in the morning. I also use the same cleanser to remove my make up in an evening, and it really works, even on stubborn mascara and eye liner.

NSPA Double Action Youth Serum
I've been using this morning and evening before applying my moisturiser to give me that extra boost of hydration. I have extremely dry under-eyes and this gives me that extra boost, leaving my skin feeling firm and incredibly hydrated before applying the extra hydration with my moisturiser.

NSPA Oil-Free Moisture Gel
A wonderful dupe for Clinique's Dramatically Different Moisturiser Gel. This is a nice, thick formulation that sinks in leaving my skin feeling fresh and hydrated without being oily, leaving residue and keeping my oily skin at bay throughout the day.

All these products have been paid for by me and this is in no way a sponsored post. I just love NSPA products. I also love their price tag, and the fact they are quite frequently on offer at 2 for £8 at ASDA. Meaning I can stock up on thee products as frequently as I need to, whilst also trying out other products they have too.

I can safely say that I love this as my morning skincare routine, and I'll definitely keep using these products whilst they are easily available to me. The formulations are incredible dupes, their customer service is fantastic, and overall NSPA are a brilliant beauty company.

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