Sunday, 21 June 2015

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You may have seen from Instagram that I've joined the gym. Not only have I joined the gym but I've also joined Weight Watchers. My weight isn't an issue for me, and I'm happy in my skin however, my health has deteriorated over the past couple of years with my ME relapse and current spinal and nerve damage I have from a back problem. I've been encouraged to do yoga and strengthening exercises to build up my muscle and core strength again.

I'm lucky that at the moment my health is stable and sufficient enough to enable me to get out of the house and attend the gym, although having a small child and limited childcare does post a problem too. So what can you do about it? Why not workout and keep fit at home?

Sure there are plenty of DVD's out there, but what type of equipment can you have at home? I think plenty of us are guilty of owning an exercise bike or treadmills that make lovely wardrobe space or extra hanging space, but there are plenty of small pieces of exercise equipment you can have. Small pieces of exercise equipment are ideal to just whip out when you have a few extra minutes or your little one is having a nap.

Here are a couple of tips for exercising at home:

  • Don't worry about buying expensive weights and dumbbells, using a bottle of water or tins of baked beans will work just as well. 
  • Spend a couple of minutes walking or running up and down the stairs. 
  • Belly dancing is a great alternative to fitnesses DVD's, it's more fun and great core stability for the back. 
  • Try dancing around to some music! It's a great way to get your little ones active and involved as well. 
  • Jogging on the spot. 
  • Circuit train in your home by different exercise activities in different rooms. 
  • Buy a trampoline, not only can you use it to keep fit, but small ones make excellent indoor toys for the small ones (under supervision of course!). 

If you prefer having exercise equipment at home or extra exercise inspiration, it's worth checking out Fitness Warehouse. Cross Trainers are excellent for working different areas of the body, as are gym/yoga balls and fit bars, but obviously you need to decide if you have the room and the inclination to use one. Wobble Boards are ideal for core strength, balance and stability and take up very little room under the bed, the same applies to exercise/power bands.

Exercising at home has both pros and cons; it's easy and simple to do and keep up to, but yet there are many more distractions at home. I procrastinate all the time, with University work, gym, chores, basically anything, so for me the ideal solution to exercising is to get out of the house when I have the motivation. Overall, it's best to find out what works for you and your abilities.

This blog post has been written in collaboration with Fitness Warehouse but all content contained within, images (unless specified) and opinions are my own.

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