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Fighting summer hay fever and sensitivities with Optrex | Beauty

Summer is finally here (I think?) so what comes with the high pollen count and summer sun? Yes, hay fever. I never used to suffer from hay fever until a couple of years ago, but do have sensitive eyes and sinusitis frequently so end up with dry, itchy eyes most of the time. It's really difficult to find a product that keeps these symptoms from bay except from Optrex, and I was delighted when they asked me to trial and review a couple of their products. 

Now what I remember about Optrex is being terrified as a child when it came to using the eye wash, and I think that's put me off using eye products. The same applies with eye drops, I'm a constant blinker and find it really difficult to drop them in as my eyes close and stay shut! I had to really will myself to using these products as I was a little afraid due to aforementioned problems, and concerned that they might sting a little bit as normally if anything gets into my eye it hurts, a lot. That was until now. 

I received four products from the Optrex range; the Multi Action Eye Wash, ActiMist 2 in 1 Tired and Uncomfortable Eye Spray, Eyedew Sparkling Eye Drops, and my favourite product, the Rehydrating Eye Drops. 

The first product I was eager to try was the ActiMist 2 in 1 tired and uncomfortable eye spray as you just spray this on closed lids, no dropper required! Phew. This is super easy to apply, just close your eye and spray once on each lid. I noticed they worked really quickly, and left my eyes feeling soothed and less itchy. What's even better about this product is that you can apply it over your make up and it won't smudge! 

The Multi Action Eye Wash, as mentioned above, is something I remember from my childhood. You place a little of the solution in the eye cup, pop over your eye and tilt your head back to give your eyes a good clean. This is always a product we have in the house just in case we get anything in our eyes, even though I'm always hesitant about using it. I did, coincidentally, end up with an annoying eyelash stuck in my eye so whipped this little blighter out. Super easy to use, and I don't know why I got myself all freaked out about using it, but I manned up and got on with the job. Quick little rinse out, with no stinging may I add, and my eye was clean and fresh once again. 

The Eyedew Sparkling Eye Drops are a product that I'm not too fussed about. The idea behind this product is that it gives sparkle to dull eyes, and makes them look a little bit brighter. Unfortunately as I wear glasses you can't really see the effect of the product, so I don't think it works well for me. Perhaps for someone without contacts or glasses, it might work brilliantly so don't take my review here as gospel. 

Last but not least, (and little wearily) I tried the rehydrating eye drops after I had a slight allergic reaction to a new make up brand I was trying out. I do suffer from sensitive eyes, and this can be triggered more so by mascara, eye liner and eyeshadow (which is more to the point why I rarely wear the stuff!). I had cleansed all my make up off and popped on my evening skincare routine when I remembered I had the rehydrating eye drops to use up after opening them. They are so easy to drop into your eyes (I have no idea why I was worried now) but a little tip is to look up and tilt your head back and drop them into the corner of your eye, blink a couple of times and you're done. They worked really quickly and left my eyes feeling soothed and rehydrated. This has been my favourite product out of the four, and I will definitely be repurchasing. 

All these products are excellent for those of you who wear glasses like myself, or spend hours looking at a screen (smartphones class as screens too!). We spend so many hours a day glued to our devices that our eyes are bound to have a little wear and tear, and these products are definitely the best to restore them to their best condition. Also, the drops and spray are also really effective and work when wearing contact lenses too. 

Optrex Actimist 2 in 1 Tired and Uncomfortable Eyes* - £12.79
Optrex Rehydrating Eye Drops* - £3.11
Optrex Multi Action Eye Wash* - £5.35
Optrex Eyedew Sparkling Eye Drops* - £3.40
(All prices from the website)
This blog post has been written in collaboration with Optrex but all content contained within, images (unless specified) and opinions are my own.

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