Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Bolton Abbey (Again) | Lifestyle & Travel

I enjoy visiting Bolton Abbey, and you may have seen my other blog posts here and here, but the fact we live 15 minutes away from such a beautiful place means it will feature pretty heavily on the blog over the summer months. I always like to take different snaps when I visit, this time (and this blog post(!)) will feature heavily on trees, flowers and the river itself.

If you are new to Bolton Abbey, you can explore the Priory itself, or have a walk around the river. It's idillic, and beautiful scenery is in the heart of the Yorkshire Dales and no two trips are alike. They have a 'Welly Walk' (which Dexter is a little young for) where you can take part in outdoor activities such as tree climbing and getting pretty messy overall.

I've been coming here since I was young, and will take as much advantage this year as we can to pack up a picnic (or a BBQ) and let Dexter paddle in the river. It was his first time paddling in the river (you may have seen the images over on my Instagram) and he absolutely loved it. He walked a couple of miles too which I think is a great achievement for an 18 month old.

We also popped to the tea room for a couple of cool beverages on a hot day: they serve milkshakes and smoothies now that are simply divine! I need to head back to try all the flavours.

Overall, it's a fantastic day for all the family. It does cost £8 to park but there are three car parks and you can flit between them depending on which attractions you wish to see. We always park in Sandholme near the tea room and picnic areas.


  1. You've caught some stunning photos. We really are lucky to have some gorgeous spots on our doorstep here in Yorkshire. I think I might suggest to James that we head here for a day out with a picnic at some point!
    Bee xxx

    1. Thanks Bee, I wanted to try something a little different with photos this time. Normally I take them of the Priory but wanted to capture how beautiful nature really is ;D x