Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Wish List Wednesday ~ Summer Stylin' | Fashion

Summer is here(!) apparently although I've yet to see it. I don't think a flutter of sunshine one afternoon and highs of 14 degrees really counts quite yet. I've seen lots of summer holiday snaps all over Instagram and although I'm pretty jealous right now, it got me thinking about summer outfits and what I'm missing in my wardrobe for when the sun does pop its head around the corner. I'm always extremely unprepared and I don't even own a pair of shorts(!) so I thought I would show a few of my favourite picks for the up-coming season.

I should probably starting thinking about purchasing a few summer essentials too as I'll be heading off to China in September and it'll still be incredibly hot over there. We're talking in the thirties. Oh yes.

I decided to pick three outfits that could easily be mixed and matched to create numerous casual day and evening outfits.
1. George v-front woven camisole in mint, Evans plus sized acid wash skinny jeans from House of Fraser, and New Look tan trim stitch backpack. I thought this outfit would be great for visiting attractions, it's comfortable and will keep you looking cool all day.

2. George tailored blouse, George scenic print skirt and New Look rose gold perforated duffle bag. This outfit is definitely for hitting the beach on a cooler day (especially the ones we have in Yorkshire, those beaches are pretty windy!). The rose gold duffle bag is (enter emojicon here) perfect and I definitely have my eye on that one at the moment. Such a simple, elegant outfit that will take you from a shopping trip to an evening meal.

3. George duster jacket in mint, Riley gold foil swing camisole crop top from South Beach, George patterned embellished shorts, and New Look black quilted bar clutch bag. This is my favourite outfit and I think the hints of gold will definitely show off that beautiful, bronze tan over the summer. The shorts are a statement piece, and although this outfit is geared towards the evening, could just as easily be worn during the day. My favourite key piece in this outfit is the George duster jacket, unfortunately this is no longer available online but I have snapped up the neon coral version. So versatile!

I hope you like my outfit choices, and that I can give you a little summer inspiration for your wardrobe too. Hopefully we should be blessed with a little sunshine this week so the iPhone weather app tells me, although whether it will hit anything about 13 degrees is hit and miss. Anyway, we're only in May so hopefully we should have a little bit of luck in June!


  1. I have that trench! love it!

    1. It's absolutely gorgeous! You know me and my obsession with George! :D x

  2. George is the best =]