Thursday, 14 May 2015

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I'm sure you will have seen from my previous posts that I'm currently renovating my apartment in China, and if you haven't, where have you been? In today's post I will be talking about bedroom furniture, something I haven't talked much about as hubby doesn't like spending money on unnecessary things. We do already have a bed, but it's not to my taste and I would really like another one however, I think we'll end up 'making do' with what we have. I'm practicing 'thinking like an Asian' at the moment which means no extra spends. However, I'm hoping we will be able to compromise on some spends as a good mattress is something that I need in my life. Because of my spinal and nerve damage, sleeping comfortable is a necessity for me.

Rodgers of York have such a large array of beds, in all different shapes and styles, some of which I didn't even know existed before, and they cater for all you needs by offering a mattress specifically for your needs too. 

I haven't owned a divan bed before, and have quite often just bought under the bed storage boxes or basically thrown everything under the bed so I could never reach it again. I've always found them incredibly ugly, and have never seen one quite like the ones on the Rodgers of York website; they come in different colours and have beautifully styled headboards. I think I might have become a convert; and best of all, they have drawers where I can keep my mess hidden but easily accessible. 

I like minimalism, my bedroom is white with light floorboards. In fact the whole apartment is in-keeping with that colour scheme in order I can use colour to emphasise and accessorise. I adore geometric prints at the moment, and a colour palette with greys is right up my street. That's why I love the duvet cover so much in this George bedroom wish list post. Rodgers of York have a couple of beautiful grey beds on their website at the moment, and I had to share them with you!
And to go with these beautiful beds, here are a couple of accessories that I think would work marvellously. Adding a couple of grey accessories and teaming them with copper really accentuates the blank canvas I have to begin with. 

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  1. See I'm in a quandarry at the moment as to whether to move to a Divan style bed - we have nowhere to store our mattresses so it kind of makes sense, but I do think the room looks bigger when you can see the space underneath the bed... decisions decisions! Lovely style picks x