Saturday, 23 May 2015

#PatAPet at Thorntonhall Farm Country Park | Lifestyle, Travel & My Motherhood Diary

Last week we headed off to Thorntonhall Farm Country Park near Skipton, North Yorkshire for a day of patting pets, feeding the llamas and playing in the great outdoors. Initially it was pretty darn hard to find the place as the SatNav didn't quite get us to the right location, and even being local I still had difficulty getting us in the right area. There were signs however, too small to actually notice where we should turn off. It added an annoying 30 minutes extra to our journey of 20 minutes.

The place itself is fantastic, and they offer 'toddler time' during term time meaning two adults and a toddler can attend for £5. A bargain considering their ticket prices are ridiculous at any other time, I like to think of myself as pretty thrifty so at £5.50 per adult and £3.50 for a toddler it can be pretty costly. I also recommend taking a picnic as well to keep costs low. They also offer children's rides and extra costs around the park so bear this in mind if you're thinking of going. Luckily Dexter is pretty young so we don't really need to splash out. Although, something else to take into consideration is the fact there will be school trips there and you might have a problem petting some of the smaller animals, or being around for lamb feeds etc. We were told one of the staff would call us when they were ready for the toddler groups however, no one actually did and so we missed out on a few of those bits. It didn't matter too much to us as Dexter wasn't that interested anyway and just wanted to pat a goat!
They have an amazing indoor barn section with a hay bale maze, tractors for the little ones to play with, and a large slide for the older kids amongst emus (you may have seen on Instagram that Dexter was bitten by one!), chicks, rabbits, guinea pigs, puppies(!), and llamas. Yep you read right, llamas! In a separate barn there were cows and lambs. All very tame, and eager for treats! I was quite surprised how tame they all were and were so happy when we came along with treats for them too. I was a little concerned that the llamas might spit as they are known to, but they just wanted a good stroke!

There are fantastic facilities on site for everyone, a tea room, toddler and baby play room where they have sensory play sessions, and an outdoor picnic area with outdoor play area too. I think we'll definitely go back again, probably this time with a picnic and spend a lot of time outdoors near the chickens on a warm summer's day.
Lets not forget the reason behind this trip though. The fabulous folks over at the RSPCA want to raise awareness for abandoned animals. 'More than one animal is abandoned every hour in England' is not a headline nor a statistic I want to read, and I'm quite sure you don't either. One thing this country has to offer is that we are proud of taking care of animals, I've grown up with several pets including dogs and cats and I wouldn't dream of abandoning my pet whatsoever. I'm sure some of you will have seen the work the RSPCA are doing with ITV at the moment with their show Give a Pet a Home and you can participate with the show and adopt an animal from there. You should check it out here. If you're interested in adopting a pet, or helping out the RSPCA you can pop along to their site and have a look at the amazing work they're doing.

A big thank you to the fabulous folks over at Talented Talkers for enabling us to have such an amazing day out, and helping Dexter discover local areas and all the amazing animals he can grow up with. I know many children out there don't have that opportunity, so thank you again from the Pan clan!

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