Saturday, 16 May 2015

Neal & Wolf AURA; Hair & Body Fragrance | Beauty

I'm a huge fan of Neal & Wolf products, and their haircare range is astounding. Their products are in my day to day haircare regime, and I've just finished burning their scented candle, the review of which you can find here. The fragrance is simply divine, and I think that's what makes the Neal & Wolf products so popular. Their scent remains the same on each product, and is synonymous with the brand.

So what better than to offer a new product, a product that can make your body smell as good as your hair. Oh yes, sign me up.

AURA is the new hair and body fragrance, retailing at £20.95 for a 45ml spray bottle and can be bought from their website here.

Now when the bottle arrived, I was really interested in seeing that it contained SPF 15 to help protect your hair. This isn't something I've thought about before, but considering my hair is damaged from bleaching and dying, it's interesting to see that I can get further protection after applying products. Well done Neal & Wolf, well done. It's also sulphate, paraben, DEA (diethanolamide), TEA (triethanolamide) and cruelty free.

The signature Neal & Wolf scent, if you haven't sampled their products before, is simply divine. I adore a fruity and sweet fragrance and this hits every button for me; containing orange blossom, white thyme and saffron combined with flora aromas of ylang ylang, orchid and vanilla. It has to be one of my favourite fragrances, and now I can smell beautiful all the time, it's easily replaced my YSL Black Opium.

As I said above, you can buy it on it's own for £20.95, but I definitely think it's worth buying the Aroma Collection containing both the AURA hair and body fragrance, and the indulgence scented candle for £33.95. I know this will be on my birthday list as when December comes around I'll have used the hair and body fragrance!

*This blog post contains product sample(s) or has been compensated, all opinions are my own. 

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