Friday, 8 May 2015

Living as a semi-expat: lets talk about parcel delivery | Lifestyle & Travel

As a lot of you will know I am a semi-expat, I live between England and China and so there are many trials and tribulations that come with the lifestyle. I absolutely love China and have the intention of moving out there on a permanent basis - you may have seen my previous blog posts on my apartment renovation, and I'm proud to say it's coming on nicely and there will be a few updates in the future. I decided that I would start a little 'living as a semi-expat' series on the blog, just to give a little insight into what sort of a lifestyle I live in China, and how much it differs and compares with living in the UK. This is my first blog post, and I thought it would be apt to start with parcel delivery considering over the next month or so I'll be shipping a lot of my life over to China.

There are a couple of problems with living in two countries, one of which is that I've become so accustomed to products from the UK that even if I can buy them in China I would much prefer to have them shipped over. Buying UK and European products in China can come with a hefty price tag, and also still leaves you wondering whether everything is a legitimate and authentic product. Sigh. Yet on the other hand I absolutely adore being able to buy Korean and Japanese products there. It's the lesser of two evils really.

The same applies with buying foodstuffs, buying international products in supermarkets can be pretty hefty costing, so to me it seems money saving to bulk buy products and have them shipped all in one box. Recently me and hubby have called this 'thinking like an Asian'. Chinese people love to save money, it's in their culture, so to me it's becoming second nature; oh and not to forget I am from Yorkshire.

Shipping parcels seems to be the right idea for us, that way we can get the best of both worlds. Although the cost of some products are cheaper here, the price of delivery can be a little higher, but this eventually evens itself out over the parcel and can be considerably cheaper than buying products in China itself. Plus there is the fact that we know we are buying are authentic, and this is imperative when you have a child.

TNT Direct is a courier and delivery service that I trust and have used several times before, they offer a door to door international delivery service which is hard to come by for the part of China where I live. Many companies are happy to deliver to ports or large cities (we're talking much larger than where I live!) but are unable to offer a door to door service, and that's essential for me. And you know what else is brilliant about their service? They can deliver within 2-4 working days by an express delivery service. Although I have used their economy express service before and had a packaged delivered to me within a week which is still pretty amazing, and costs around £20 less (here comes the 'thinking like an Asian' part!). I highly recommend their service, and haven't had a single problem at all.

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  1. Must be amazing living between the two countries, I would love to have that variation in my life. Also VERY jealous you can stock up on Korean/Japanese products, my ultimate dream!

    Lyndsay | Fizzy Peaches