Friday, 29 May 2015

A Family Night In | Lifestyle

It's really, really, rare that I have a proper family night in. Although I spend a lot of time with my parents and Dexter, I don't get to spend that much time with my husband due to our living arrangements, so when he's back in the UK it's really nice that we can have a nice family evening in together.

We tend to cram months of living apart within a couple of months so frequently eat out and have family days out, and yep, they cost a lot of money. Money which I should be spending (think Asian!) towards our future, or as I like to call it my beauty fund!

Sometimes it's really nice just to chill out and have a Netflix evening in, catching up on TV shows or watching a good horror movie. Currently we're watching House and my goodness, why didn't I get around to watching it when it was on TV?!

So tonight is Friday night, and we decided to have a family night in (not that we would be going out and hitting up the town, we've decided we are far too old for that now). So we ordered a couple of pizzas from Dominos, somewhere I wouldn't normally order from as their pizzas can be a little pricey, but with the MyVoucherCodes Dominos Pizza discounts we managed to splash out a little bit tonight and save 35%! You may have already seen me mention this on Twitter, but it's definitely worth doing, and especially with it being the weekend.

And what better than to watch a family movie with dinner? Perfect night in for me! And Dexter really enjoyed it too. It made such a difference to all sit and eat pizza in front of the TV rather than our strict 'no TV and dinner at the table' policy. Sometimes change is good, right?

Oh and if you place a cheeky order over £30 you get a Ben & Jerry's ice cream for free. I had to pop that in the freezer before anyone saw, that's my little treat for later!

So go on, why not treat yourself? It is the weekend after all! And why not spend a little more time with your loved ones this weekend?


  1. This looks like the perfect evening in! Made me want pizza really badly though - it looks delicious. :)

  2. family nights in can be so fun and just as important as nights out I think. Glad you had a lovely night sweets xx

    Miss Kitty Kaos (Adventures Of A Riot Grrrl)

  3. oh wow I have not had pizza in so long and Dominoes is the best, especially their chicken goujons (great word) and garlic dip! Jealousssss of your feast
    x GNAR MOSH x