Sunday, 5 April 2015

My Life This Week | Lifestyle

This week I've been a little up and down, having physio and starting some new pain and nerve medication that hasn't made me a happy bunny. Although I have managed to do quite a bit of crafting this week and I've really enjoyed having a little bit of time to myself. 
This week I've been refreshing my Bloglovin' and Twitter accounts and falling in love with both old and new blogs. Blogs I've really enjoyed reading this week are Hello You, Lemon Freckles, Tiny Grey Cat, Hello The Mushroom, and Wardrobe Conversations
Although I'm still catching up with Pretty Little Liars, and I'm on season five now, I decided that I would stop being as obsessed and only watching episodes as a 'treat' after doing Uni reading. That seems to be working really well. I've also had a catch up with Fortitude this week, I've missed around five episodes and with it being the season finale next week I decided I needed to get back on it. Also, as well as those two, I've been watching a new show called Critical. It's one of the most amazing shows I have ever seen, it's intense and full of gore which is perfect for me! 
I've been indulging in hot cross buns this week. I honestly didn't realise it was Easter this weekend up until midweek and presumed it was a few weeks away, but I thought I best get into the spirit of things!
My Bluebird Tea Co. order arrived this week and was filled to the brim with delightful and fresh, new flavours. My favourite this week has been hot cross bun (to match what I've been eating obviously!) along with cherry Bakewell which is an absolute delight to drink. There are many more flavours I have to try from my order, so I'm sure there will be another update next week.


  1. I love fortitude, it baffles me so much but its so interesting, i cant wait for the finale =] so exciting!

    1. I still haven't seen the last two episodes!! x