Tuesday, 28 April 2015

My Summer 2015 Bucket List | Lifestyle

Making a bucket list is a great idea... if you actually intend to complete it! I find that writing a bucket list that’s meant to apply to my whole life is pretty difficult to create, and even trickier to get through. As we get older, our priorities change and, therefore, certain goals on our list may no longer be relevant to us. That’s why I think it’s more rewarding to create bite-sized bucket lists that reflect the things you want to achieve right now. I have just completed my summer 2015 bucket list. Because we tend to have more free time over summer, and because the weather makes us so happy and energetic, I think it’s the perfect time to complete some of your goals. If you are also thinking of creating a mini bucket list, here are some of the experiences I want to have this summer that I hope will inspire you.

Visit somewhere completely new to me
Each summer I tend to go to the same destinations each year. For good reason though; they are always totally awesome! As well as my usual haunts, I also want to experience and explore somewhere totally new to me, on my own. Traveling to different parts of the world is good for the soul, it enriches your life, providing you with more stories to tell the grandkids and it’s just a lot of fun! I’m not sure where I will go yet, but even if I don’t have the time or money to go abroad, there are loads of beautiful places in the UK that I’m desperate to discover.

Do something exhilarating
A bucket list, whether epic or bite-sized, simply wouldn’t be complete without something thrilling included. An experience that will really get you out of your comfort zone. One of my close friends told me about a great helicopter experience she did recently. It sounds absolutely incredible! And because I’m a little nervous of flying, I think it will be that exhilarating experience I am looking for. I hope it will increase my confidence and give me a great sense of accomplishment.
Learn a new skill
This is another bucket list classic. When I hear about a friend’s hobby, I always think I’d love to try it out. But seldom does it happen. So this summer I’m determined to tackle an item on another list of mine; the “hobby list”. Because this summer bucket list is supposed to be achievable, I’m not going for anything too complicated like learning a new language. In the end, I’ve gone for yoga. There is a summer course at my gym which I have signed up for. I always read about the amazing benefits that this form of exercise has on your body and mind, and I’m finally looking forward to experiencing them. 

These have been a few of the items on my summer 2015 bucket list. I hope you have enjoyed reading this post and that it has inspired you to create your own list. Have a super summer!


  1. This is a lovely post! I am trying to visit a new place every year too. It may just be a city or a town (not even a new country) but just something new, a place I have never been. I would love to take a trip around the world one day!


    1. A trip abound the world would be amazing, and ultimately that's on my life goals bucket list! x

  2. Lovely list - I hope you achieve all of these. Discovering a new place is a great idea - I might also try to do that this summer as well. :)

    1. Sometimes just discovering a new shop or a village close to home can be equally as amazing :) x

  3. I love bucket lists, but as you say they can be difficult to complete. I've been wanting to try the Project Zero challenge (101 goals in 1001 days) for ages but find that whenever I get my list complete something changes in my life and throws it off track.
    I may have to try and break it down further and making lists by season seems a little more manageable.

  4. Great post =]