Friday, 10 April 2015

Latest in Beauty - Capital FM box | Beauty

I've decided to sign back up to beauty subscription boxes, well the Latest in Beauty box in question. I always seem to come back to their boxes as I like the quality, the range of products, and the prices are pretty decent too.

The latest box I received is the Capital FM box. The idea behind this box is that it contains products 'that stars just can't live without'. I'm not too sure about their quote however, the contents are really interesting and I would definitely get use out of all of them, except the temporary tattoos maybe.
What's in the box?
Stila smudge stick waterproof eyeliner in shade black amethyst: I love the look of this product although I haven't used it quite yet, I'm hoping it has good application and lives up to it's word.

Rimmel London Rita Ora nail polish in shade Glastonberry: such a gorgeous shade, definitely one of my spring favourites.

Collection Eyes Uncovered nude eyeshadow palette: there are some amazing neutral and nude shades in this palette and although I don't often wear eyeshadow I think I will start doing. I'm hoping it will encourage to go back to my favourite smokey eye.

Collection Lengthening Mascara in shade ultra black: the wand is long, sleek and thin and has short rubber bristles, I know this will be a fond favourite of mine as it's very similar to the Oriflame mascara I currently use.

Pixi Lip Blush in shade Energy: both a lip and cheek stain in a stunning coral colour (my favourite!). I can definitely see my using this a lot when I like to wear minimal make up. It's ideal to take on holiday as it's one product covering two bases.

Burt's Bees Lip Shimmer in shade grapefruit: I love, love, love, the Burt's Bees lip shimmers and already have several. I'm so lucky this isn't one of the shades I own and so glad to add it to my collection. It has a very subtle lip colour and shimmer, but all the nourishing benefits of the lip balm.

Nail buffer: I already have one of these nail buffers and rate them really highly. I think I picked mine up from Poundland but it's brilliant. I have used it that often that the file side has run out so it's the perfect replacement.

StyLondon temporary tattoos: I'm not very keen on these to be honest, and I wouldn't personally wear them as they aren't my style. Although I can see that for festival chic they would look perfect. Just not me unfortunately.

Jimmy Choo Flash: I really like perfume samples, just the occasional one every now and then is nice. They are the ideal size to take on holiday too so I'll be popping this in my make up bag when I go away in a couple of weeks. It's a floral based fragrance so I know I'll adore it however, the packaging states that it evokes the 'high octane atmosphere of going out' so I'm not sure how keen I am on that aspect!

I'm really pleased with this box, for £14.95 I think they've done well; especially a box full of products that I will actually use which is an absolutely rarity for a beauty box.

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