Sunday, 12 April 2015

How does your indoor garden grow? #BulbsforBulbs | Lifestyle & DIY

I've grown many plants all in various conditions. I'm lucky to be back living in a house with a garden which means I can take advantage of growing outdoors, although equally I've lived in an apartment and only been able to grow herbs in the windows; either works well for me, as long as I can get my green fingers working. Although having a garden isn't always the best because obviously there are certain conditions, such as winter and dreaded frost, meaning that you can't always get the results you want. I've planted several types of herbs in the garden over the past week, and planted my indoor grown spinach too; although if the frost hits then we are a bit stumped and will have to start all over again.

Lightbulbs Direct are currently running a Twitter competition to find the best indoor garden, and if you enter you can win a hamper! Unfortunately my indoor garden is now outside as the great weather has allowed me to plant everything outside, but I'll be starting up again with my new LED light and strawberries and herbs.

There are so many good tips for growing indoors, the main one being a viable light source and the distance of the light source from the plants/herbs. Growing plants with LED lights are ideal, they mimic natural conditions of outdoor sources of light, and with the plants being indoors have great conditions to thrive before being planting outside. I have sorted out a corner in the kitchen to start growing my seeds, I always use the kitchen as it has the best humidity; now I have an LED light I can place them in a different corner of the kitchen rather than placing them in the window. I always ensure I have a tray under biodegradable pots as well catching the water and keeping the soil moist at all times. The pots are ideal for transferring into the garden as they will also fertilise the soil when planted outside. Make sure you water your seeds or bulbs according to the packaging, you don't want to under-water or flood them! As long as you follow a couple of steps and read the packaging to make sure you are happy with the instructions, you can germinate your seeds and grow bulbs very easily indoors!

And what else is ideal? Make sure you have a good pair of gardening gloves and hand cream to protect your hands. They will get messy and you will end up washing them an awful lot!


  1. Great post, im currently attempting to grow a bonsai, its still in the fridge at the moment (well thats what the instructions told me to do)
    Fingers crossed it survives haha =]

    1. Oh wow! Those are meant to be the most difficult things to grow! Good luck x