Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Helping your children sleep better, really. | Lifestyle & My Motherhood Diary

It's no surprise that now the clocks have changed and mornings are lighter, your little one's body clocks are running on incredibly earlier morning wake up calls; and it's only going to get worse as we approach summertime. I for one, being used to twelve hour nights with Dexter, normally from 7:30pm until 7:30 am, will not be looking forward to 4:30am wake up calls when the birds start tweeting and the sun is dawning. 

So what can you do to alleviate this problem? Well I've read plenty of tips online that say putting your child to be later would be advisable, but considering toddlers do still need around fourteen hours of sleep per day, and if I'm lucky during the day Dexter naps for perhaps half an hour, I need a much better evening alternative. 

That's where I've discovered blackout blinds. Last year I did have one of the stick-on blackout blinds and I found this incredibly hopeless as it didn't fit the window properly, the sticky cups constantly fell off, and it really annoyed me that I had to peel the remainder off on a daily basis. This year however, is a different story, and I very much intend to purchase a proper blackout roller blind to fit to the window. 

I've been having a look online at the Itzala  range of blackout blinds from VELUX, and these are ideal for this purpose. They fit to the inside of your window completely covering every inch and leaving no visible gaps. They also come in three colours meaning that your 'blackout blind' doesn't necessarily have to be black; this really appeals to me as I would prefer the lighter shade, either the cream or blue, so it doesn't darken the room too much but leaving the same effect. 

Their prices start from £38.39 so are very reasonably priced too. 

And guess what? Your little ones will have a super night's sleep, the morning sun won't awaken them, and you too will get your (sort of) lie-in in the mornings, something I am really looking forward to! 


  1. I get these blackout curtains for summer. So much better and keeps the heat out!

    1. I never thought about keeping the heat out, that's a brilliant idea! It's not that hot here so I wouldn't benefit haha x