Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Adventurous Holiday Destinations to visit with a Toddler | Travel & Motherhood Diary

It probably won't come as much of a shock that I love travelling, and that won't dwindle even with a toddler. I want him to travel with us wherever we go, and I also want him to have fun in the process. There are lots of holidays out there tailored for families however, we like something a little different, something alternative to what is being offered. I've had a good think of places we could travel as adults, see the sights and enjoy ourselves, but offer fun things for a toddler to do. I decided to narrow my list down to three ideas, and I know they are (almost) all Far East but that's really what my family enjoy.
Here is what I've come up with
Shanghai Disneyland
I'm not a massive Disney fan or have really ever been interested in visiting Disneyland/world however, since discovering they were building one in Shanghai I've been counting down the months until we can visit. The resort is due to open next Spring/Summer but boasts to have the largest castle, a treasure cove landscape theme, and will incorporate all things Western and Chinese giving you the best of both worlds. They also say they will offer the futuristic of technologies, and well being in China, what more can you expect? This is one on my radar for when we visit family next year, and I am really excited!

Chengdu Panda Base, China
Yes I know it's another Chinese trip however, there are some things in your lifetime that you should just do. Visiting a Panda zoo has always been on my bucket list, and who can resist these cute (not so) little critters right? Dexter absolutely adores them and gets super excited when he sees them on TV, or he plays with his panda toys, or reads a book. Lets just say he's panda mad. Oh and they are the national animal of China so it's kinda his heritage too. Chengdu, where the pandas originate from, have a couple of panda zoos, but one of the biggest is the Chengdu Research Base where they offer park tours to see pandas, and other creatures in their zoo; as well as an educational facility to explain about pandas in their natural habitat, etc. It's a huge park and such a bargain to visit for around £5.80 a ticket, much less than it costs to visit zoos within the UK. I am so lucky to say I have seen pandas in a zoo in Jinan, but I don't think it would come anywhere close to seeing them in natural habitats like these.

Siam Park, Tenerife
And last but certainly by no means least, Siam Park. Now I know this doesn't necessarily fit in with my 'Far Eastern' theme however, after seen Ice Lolly's blog post on the best water slides in the world, I had to add it to my list. Siam Park in Tenerife is close, and what better than not having to get a long haul flight to experience a trip to the Far East. It's theme is Thailand, and having a fondness of Thailand and delightful memories of travelling in Thailand, I had to stick this on my list. It has one of the biggest water slides, and plenty of attractions within the park itself, including a reconstructed typical floating market where you can have a Thai massage. Yes Please. It definitely has something for everybody even if you aren't interested in the water park side of it. I don't know anyone who couldn't resist visiting here, it's definitely one I've added to my bucket list, ahem I mean Dexter's travelling bucket list...

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