Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Want to try an at home face peel? Try the Natural Skin Shop | Beauty

I've never had a face peel before, and to be honest have always been terrified at the thought of it. You've seen the celebrity photos right? Where they all have burnt red faces, and look in quite a bit of pain? Yeah, I'm not down with that at all. But what about trying a non-abrasive, natural face peel at home? That sounds more my cup of tea. 

The Natural Skin Shop asked if I would like to try one of their face peels, and although I was a little dubious at first, thought I would give it a go. I opted for the lowest volume peel kit I could, which was the Brighten 30% AHA Vitamin C Peel Kit*, and this is one of their newer peel kits in stock. The AHA Vitamin C kit is designed to brighten your skin, leaving less discolouration and more radiance. I have quite a few red patches, blemishes and discolouration that I wanted to try and reduce, so this seemed the best kit. This kit is also recommend for those new to face peels, or with sensitive skin. And boy, I definitely have sensitive skin and a million and one allergies. 

In the kit I received a pre-peel solution (designed to cleanse and treat the skin beforehand), the liquid peel itself, a neutraliser (that you apply following the peel) and hyaluronic serum to be applied morning and evening as a moisturiser. The instructions were so simple to follow, and I felt confident in applying the products myself. There are a couple of different timing options when applying the peel, for different skin types and depending how many times you have used the peel before. As I was a beginner I left the solution on for around 5 minutes to do it's business, then applied the neutraliser, washed it off after a minute and then applied the hyaluronic serum. 

I wasn't sure what I should have expected by putting the peel on, maybe for it to sting and leave my skin red raw? Well it didn't, it didn't even tingle and was such a comfortable experience. Plus my skin wasn't even red when the process was complete, and hadn't been in the following days either. You need to give the mask 72 hours to work it's magic, during those couple of days you should notice your skin being a little flakey. And that is all. Seriously. No red patches, and slight flaking. And after the 72 hours my face looked a lot more radiant, my blemishes and discolouration looked a lot more even, and my skin felt a lot plumper. I didn't take any before and after photos unfortunately, because I always forget and just jump straight in with a product! Damn. You can repeat the process again after two weeks. Oh and the best thing, I wasn't allergic to it, it didn't break me out, and there were no sensitivities at all. 

It's such a great product to add to my skincare regime, and I will definitely be repurchasing when I've finished the bottle. At $78/around £52 it isn't a cheap product however, you get plenty in the bottle that would last at least six or seven applications, and it's certainly a lot cheaper than some of the peels I've seen on the market. So the question is, do you think you could be a face peel convert?
This blog post contains product samples, all opinions are my own. 

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