Saturday, 28 March 2015

My life this week | Lifestyle

(Some images sourced from WeHeartIt, but edited by myself)

Most of you will probably know that this week I've spent the majority of it in bed, unhappily, due to spinal and nerve damage I had last year when my pelvis was dislodged and a slipped disc. Let's just say it's been no fun spending the week on really, really high dose medication that's left me crying for most of the week wondering if I'll ever get better.

Anyway, towards the latter end of the week I started to feel a lot better, I'm putting it down to drinking copious amounts of tea and eating cake. 

I thought I would do my first 'life this week' blog post; I much prefer these to 'life in Instagram' posts as I don't really Instagram as much as I used to do.
This week I've been reading my 'Personal Branding for Creatives' workbooks. I've been at a loss with my blog, and thought I would sign up to Zie's e-course. It's fabulous and it's really helping me make changes for the better, you may have noticed the blog has changed, along with my post content too. I'm trying to engage more with my readers and post quality content but 'keeping it real'.
I've been binge watching Pretty Little Liars however, to start with last Saturday I watched the whole series of Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt and it's the most amazing series ever. I'm now up to the end of series three of PLL after watching around 10 episodes a day. That's a lot I know, but being bed bound doesn't leave me with other options. I'm highly addicted and have no idea what I'll do when I'm fully caught up.
It's no surprise I like cake, but I've developed an obsession with Red Velvet Cake. The best I've found so far (except handmade of course!) is from Asda. Its a shame the cakes cost £5 a go, but they are certainly worth it as a treat.
Tea. Oh so much tea. Especially Earl Grey, it's delicious. I take mine with milk and two sugars. I've placed a rather large tea order with the Bluebird Tea Co. so that should be here this week. I'll definitely be blogging about that next week and all the amazing spring flavours they've released.