Thursday, 12 March 2015

Lets talk pampering, relaxation and reading (and being a mum!) | Beauty, Lifestyle & My Motherhood Diary

As a mum I rarely have the time to sit down and have a pampering session, although lately (touch wood!) I've had the opportunity to have a nice bubble bath, concentrate on some University reading, and sit and read a nice magazine now and then. So what's changed? Dexter is back into his old sleeping routine, thank goodness. Having a couple of hours in the evening has made such a difference to my well-being, I can relax, take time out, organise myself, and have a jolly good soak. The pampering gods are clearly on my side.

I'm hoping that I'll be able to spend a little bit more time on Mother's Day sitting down, relaxing, having a bubble bath and drinking copious amounts of tea! (Not made by little one unfortunately, although he's doing well bringing me plastic cups from his play set, he just knows!). Me, my mum and Dexter are heading off to York for the weekend so we're hoping to make a luxurious trip of it.

Mother's Day to me is a big thing, I never would have imagined in a million years that I would be having a baby so quickly, and having such a rough time during my pregnancy either. I did visit a psychic when I was younger (I think I was around 19!), as a group session with a couple of work colleagues, and she mentioned travelling to the Far East a lot, and having a baby as a result. Lets be honest, I didn't believe a word of it; but here I am today with an amazing baby and a travelling lifestyle!

So what will I do to relax this Mother's Day?
Well, I'll be using Lush's Mother Superior bubble bar of course. I used to have such a love/hate (more so hate) relationship with Lush. It seems for some reason I'm allergic to each and every one of their bath bombs so went off using their products for a while. Also I ended up spending too much money on their products that broke me out, before realising you can have samples of their products. Whoopsie. It's safe to say though I'm a convert now, and love their bubble bars. My favourite however, is Ultraviolet and I will be stocking up before they sell out of their Mother's Day range. Anyway, back to Mother Superior, I'm not 100% taken aback by the whole look of the product, but the fragrance hit me that much I had to buy a couple. Jasmine and orange blossom are two of my favourite scents, and really do help calm me down before heading off to bed. Such a shame these guys are limited edition though, I finally think I've settled on two amazing bubble bars that I would use time and time again. You can pick Mother Superior up for £3.75, and I think that is a bargain price as I'll get maybe five bubble baths if I use the product sparingly. I did manage to get ten full bubble baths from Ultraviolet (costing £4.75) so I see that as good going too! 

My mask of choice this week has to be Timeless Truth's calming mask*. I am a sucker for sheet masks and I've been obsessed with them since I picked a box up in China. They are simply to apply, just push on to match the contours of your face, and peel off when done. There's no mess left, and any serum that's left you can just pat into your face. One of TT's tips is to squeeze out the remainder of the serum in the packet and apply the following day, such a good tip and you don't end up wasting any product that way! I have a spare one at home that I will be taking with me to York for my pamper session however, I did use one last week to test the waters so to speak. The mask left my skin feeling cool, calm, and I felt extremely collected(!). My skin felt much more hydrated, and less itchy. I've been prone to a lot of sensitives and allergies lately, and this has helped to calm my skin down a lot as a result. You can check out their vast selection of masks here

And lastly, my read of the week has to go to Uppercase magazine. After picking up a copy of Flow magazine and seeing an advert for this I knew I would be in love, it was so darned expensive to buy online, so after popping to Salts Mill for an exhibition I found a cheap copy! Over the moon doesn't begin to cover it. There are so many fascinating articles, crafty ideas, and illustrations galore. I'll definitely be off monthly to pick my copies up. There of plenty of articles I still have to read, so I'll be packing this up for the weekend with me too. 
This blog post has been written in collaboration with The Circle, and also contains product samples; all opinions are my own.


  1. It sounds like you are going to have a wonderful Mother's Day & how lovely that the three generations get to spend it together ❤️ of all the people I can think of YOU deserve a relaxing, wonderful Mother's Day!
    Bee xxx

  2. Ah I conpletely know where you are coming from: it's difficult to squeeze a quick bath in with kids: lately I try to do that and then one of my three decides they need a number 2 whilst im in mid soak (gross) bet Dexter loves making you cups of tea bless him: have a fab time in york

    Laura xx