Friday, 6 March 2015

Ideas For The Non Traditional Modern Bride | Fashion & Lifestyle

If you are one of the thousands of women who will be getting married this year, you may already be looking for some great style ideas. Most of us are getting a bit fed up with seeing the same old classic looks every year, so maybe you are looking for something a bit different that moves away from the traditional. There are plenty of ways to get the bespoke wedding of your dreams, but sometimes we all need a little inspiration to get those ideas streaming.

Wedding dresses in the traditional white have remained largely unchanged for a few hundred years. But they weren’t always white, and they weren’t always strapless. For those of us who hate the idea of trying to keep a dress up all day without any assistance from our shoulders, you will be delighted to know there are alternatives. Ivory is the preferred shade for most brides, but there is nothing stopping you getting married in any color you like. Try chocolate, or duck egg blue for something that may suit you better.

Even wedding invitations seem to be a little over the top. For wedding invitation designs that may reflect your personality a little more or be more to your taste, try looking at some modern wedding invitations online. Money spent on the gold leaf for some of these cards may be better spent hiring a good dressmaker to get the dress of your dreams made up. There are always ways to personalize your wedding. You just need to pick which parts must reflect who you are the most.

For women who want to design their own bouquets, florists can be quite unhelpful. Most mainstream florists have a portfolio of bouquets they have produced before and may only be willing to replicate one of those. If you are not too skilled at working with flowers, you could try practicing on silk ones. There is nothing wrong with using silk ones for the real bouquet either. Some brides would prefer to take arrangements of cascading crystal beads or even feathers down the aisle when they marry. Moving away from the traditional floral bouquet and more into something that speaks to you could be just what you need to put your own stamp on the big day.

In England and Wales, you are very restricted as to where you can legally marry. It must be done indoors at a licensed premises. Most other places in the world are much freer, giving you a huge variety in the type of setting or building you may be interested in saying your vows at. Pick sandy beaches or gushing waterfalls. Maybe a romantic castle or even underwater. Wherever you and your beloved want to marry, you should make the effort to get there for your wedding.

So much of any wedding is about who you and your partner are, and how your union makes you better people. It is surprising that so many people continue to marry in such old-fashioned and traditional settings. Be true to yourselves if you are marrying this year, and make the wedding all about you.

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