Sunday, 15 March 2015

David Hockney 'Arrival of Spring' Exhibition, Salts Mill | Lifestyle & My Motherhood Diary

I mentioned recently in another blog post that I'd headed off to Salts Mill in Saltaire to see the new David Hockney 'Arrival of Spring' exhibition. David Hockney is one of my favourite artists, and I admire his new technique of iPad art, so decided that this would be the basis of my end of module assessment essay for my last arts related University module. Salts Mill isn't that far away from me, probably about fifteen minutes, but I don't seem to visit there as much as I should. I didn't really visit any of the other exhibitions there as I had Dexter with me and there is only so much pram time and art he can take(!) in a day, but we did settle down and have a delicious lunch in their diner, topped off with buying numerous books and magazines for the both of us. I would definitely recommend popping along though, especially if you're looking for something free to do (entry is free) during the holidays and weekdays. Dexter absolutely adored looking at all the paintings and having a wonder around, I'm quite sure he would have enjoyed it more if I wasn't frantically writing notes down whilst he was running away! 

We did take this opportunity to finally use the Cosatto Supa Stroller that I bought before Christmas here in the UK, and I must admit it doesn't come anywhere close to my Bugaboo Cameleon 3 (which I knew it wouldn't do) so unfortunately it's done it's job of the trip to China (I'll be taking the Bugaboo with me now at all times!) and now it's heading off on eBay to find another lovely family that will love it a lot more than I do, and use it a lot more than me leaving it folded up in the kitchen for weeks on end. Goodbye Cosatto, you haven't been the easiest pram that I've owned, you've had way more faults than you should and the fact I've had replacements after replacements with it has probably pushed me over the edge. You do look the bees knees though, and your bright pixels will be missed, but considering I've just bought a new set of bright red fabrics for the Bugaboo, probably not that much. 

Disclaimer: No children were harmed in the making of this blog post however, there was a school trip there that didn't enjoy Dexter running in and out of their groups, and we did end up with an extremely dirty pair of chinos after he kept tripping over his feet!


  1. HEHE! That disclaimer made me chuckle 😂 LOL! The pram is super cool but if it doesn't do its job then it's not the best of things is it. I swear my sister Jess has written about this artist, it seems to ring some bells!
    Bee xxx

  2. Ah, I love Salts Mill - my engagement ring came from there :-) I didn't realise there was a Hockney exhibition, definitely one to check out over Easter. It's not too far from my other half's house. Looking great and I agree, that buggy's design is awesome! xx